Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Blue Lake is really BLUE!

Yes, the next morning Blue Lake in Mt. Gambier was still BLUE! We didn't hallucinate the night before. Well, we did, but not about the lake colour :-}

But let me start off this post with a picture from my youth. My waaaaaaay back when youth! I do believe this'd be 1967 or 1968. We were still in the trailer (yes, I grew up in a trailer but we wuzn't trash!) and I'll have you know that my dad (Superman) built this entire addition to the trailer along with of course all the shelving and storage.

Here's proof (180!) that I was young once.

Go'an, guess which one is me!

Shall we get back to Blue Lake? Why yes, yes we shall.


If you'll be so kind as to notice, it is still a cloudy sky the next morning! And the lake is still of course a vibrant blue.

Did you know that the residents of Mt Gambier all got together one day and built a hugely wonderful (and huge) lookout and retaining wall along the edge of Blue Lake. Yep. It's true. Hey now, would I lie to you? The retaining wall itself is over 200 metres long! And the Rook Tower is awesome!

How did they do it all in one day? Lotsa muscle and know-how!

Yeah, that woulda been a sight to watch!

And just what does this neat Rook Lookout look like? Glad you asked mates!

Don't forget it stretches around 180 metres along up the slope to the right of the picture.

As you may be able to tell from this next shot, it was raining!


The main stairs leading up aren't steep at all.


Especially if you have nicely cut calves like this bloke! Cool shirt, eh?

me calf

The view from the top of Rook Tower is nice. Don't need to add a frame to the shot in photoshop, that's for sure!


Shall we just zoom in a bit on the lake as to not have the framing? Yes, we shall.


At this point I just can't resist posting a piece of 3D artwork down by Yours Truly --don't swoon ladies, I'm human!


Oops, it looks much more better at full size!


And let us not forget the whole reason for the trip: Da 12 Ahhhh-Pistols!

No, this is not a stock Interwebs photo. It's a pic by Yours Truly. Go ahead and swoon.

But before we head along The Great Ocean Road (there are only 50 kilometres that are great, trust me!) we need to explore Mt. Gambier a bit. Such as Cave Gardens right smack dab in the centre of hustlin' n bustlin' downtown Mt Gambier!


More soon mates!

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Fizzgig said...

amayyyyzing!!!! sure beats the occasional deer in the woods I capture on a run!!