Thursday, December 06, 2012

Moving... Day Six.

So far 15,000 (fifteen-thousand) pounds have been moved by the Millennium Possum Van and the shoulders, arms, back and legs of yours truly. That means the library is moved.

Yes, we have a "few" books. Well, that also includes magazines from yesteryear and some other crap involving paper products that one or two persons living here don't want to part with yet... Would now be a good time to tell them that the back door of the van "accidentally" popped open going up a hill and half the archive boxes fell off and landed in a ditch?

Fortunately practically ALL of the thousands of vhs recordings were tossed.

Dvds are light. I like dvds. Dvds are cool. And light. Did I mention they are not heavy?

Now that all the heavy stuff is done I shall celebrate with a bottle of bubbly. I'm not sharing!

And I spent money yesterday! Some shelving display units, glass-top outdoor table, timber outdoor chairs, 3m table umbrella, 2 barstools, new mattress for MIL, semi-permanent outdoor gazebo. The MPV easily took it all in one trip :)

Still to get will be the new barby.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

WTF has dave been up to?


Here's the latest from my facebook:

Day two of the move. I forgot to take pics of the new place so the first thing to go into the van this morning will be the camera bag, PROMISE!

Yesterday was four (4) runs in the Millennium Possum Van (MPV) for a total of around 6000 pounds and one hundred kilometres. What accounted for the weight. Boxes. Boxes filled with books and magazines. It wasn't even till the 4th (fourth) run that I even got to the boxes of books from the library shelves (even then that only accounted for half the 4th load). Yes, 5000 pounds worth of boxes of books and magazines to go into "terminal storage" at the new place.

Did I mention that I married into a family of packrats?

 At least I got them to throw out a few hundred POUNDS of old VHS recordings so I suppose I should be thankful for that!

The MPV is rated for a metric ton (1000 kgs or 2,205 US pounds) but the first load was less than half as I wasn't sure how it'd go up the hill out of town. No problem at all, didn't even notice the weight in the handling, acceleration or braking. 2nd load was around 750 kg and it also did fine with that. Put 1,000 kg in third load, mostly centered weight and the MPV was only 2.5 cms down. She had no problem with the hill, piece of cake. Slightly overloaded last run, down 3.5 cm but absolutely no handling, power or braking problems.

I really like the MPV.

Did I mention I used to do this sort of thing for a living? In fact last night after doing those four runs and loading and loading heavy boxes I actually dreamed I was back in Fairbanks Alaska working for Midnight Sun Transportation Service driving the RPS truck.

I woke up in a sweat!

Well, off to go load up more boxes! Heck, I'm not even stiff or sore this morning, WEE-Hoo!