Thursday, December 06, 2012

Moving... Day Six.

So far 15,000 (fifteen-thousand) pounds have been moved by the Millennium Possum Van and the shoulders, arms, back and legs of yours truly. That means the library is moved.

Yes, we have a "few" books. Well, that also includes magazines from yesteryear and some other crap involving paper products that one or two persons living here don't want to part with yet... Would now be a good time to tell them that the back door of the van "accidentally" popped open going up a hill and half the archive boxes fell off and landed in a ditch?

Fortunately practically ALL of the thousands of vhs recordings were tossed.

Dvds are light. I like dvds. Dvds are cool. And light. Did I mention they are not heavy?

Now that all the heavy stuff is done I shall celebrate with a bottle of bubbly. I'm not sharing!

And I spent money yesterday! Some shelving display units, glass-top outdoor table, timber outdoor chairs, 3m table umbrella, 2 barstools, new mattress for MIL, semi-permanent outdoor gazebo. The MPV easily took it all in one trip :)

Still to get will be the new barby.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I haven’t read your blog in a long while so was surprised to see you have moved. I hope your new place also has a pool. I always loved that photo — as an Alaskan it always warmed my heart in the winter to think of you happily bobbing around.

BTW, the D.C. post is wonderful! I love visiting there!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Anon at 2:27 Yeah, the lease was up at the old place and we knew the owners were coming back from overseas. We were there for 5 1/2 years! No pool here, but I did put a 3 metre diameter 80cm deep inflateable one out back by the lemon tree. It works! Nice to soak in too :) I'll have to get some pics up soon, for sure!

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