Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Year Has Flown By!

Yes folks, another year has gone by. Flew by! Shot by! ZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMED by!

I blinked, I missed it. Darn.

Yes, it is my birthday today, Sunday August 28th 2011.

I wasn't expecting anything this morning as our plans for overnighting somewhere (anywhere EXCEPT the house!) were shot to shit 2 weeks ago. Spent the last 2 weeks helping BIL with his PHD thesis AND helping him grade biology lab reports for 1st year uni students.

Is there anything his daveness can't do? Full disclosure: his daveness is what one of my twitter girlfriends calls me :-} She also wants a clone of me. Or at least someone to cook for her!

Don't swoon ladies, I'm human!

Anyways, wifey-poo and I are gonna get away, it'll be a late birthday pressie for me.

And even with that I did get some pressies this morning! I did have to make my own cake, but I'm pretty good at that.

BIL picked out a great card. It is the BEST BIRTHDAY CARD EVER!

Hey, off topic but can anyone guess whereabouts in South Oz this picture was tooked?

Now by now I'm sure that perhaps just one or two of you are about to inquire as to my current age. Well, you don't need to ask cuz I'm gonna tell ya!

I am now 2.6914 x 10^52 Planck time units old.

And I feel every single one of them at times!

For those of you who have a hard time converting Planck time units into the arcane "year" measurement, I have this to say:

nanner nanner nanner

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Koala pics and vids!

Too busy to actually put up one of my world-famous, hilariously funny blog posts. So y'all are gonna have to make due (in do time) with some pictures.

And a video.

That Yours Truly (don't swoon ladies, I'm human!) tooked 3 days ago whilst Wifey-Poo and I literally dragged MIL out the door to have a picnic up at Belair National Park.

Remember, these are wild koalas.

The first one is a koala running (yes, RUNNING) across a field! This is NOT something you see everyday folks!

And just how's abouts a video of that koala? Yes, I'm good *wink*

Zen and The Art of Sleeping
I have a lot to learn...

I'm impressed!

And finally...
Yes, my ass is very comfortable wedged betwixt these two branches. Why do you ask?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Isn't Someone Going Help That Poor Man?

"Hush Harriet, that's a sure way to get him killed!"

I'm sure that all my regular readers will know exactly what movie those two lines are from and what situation it pertains to, also.

But when I hear those lines I think of something, shall we say... Different!

Perhaps maybe something like this picture...

Whoops, looks like someone doesn't wear her wig at home!

And feel to click on the pic to bring it up fullsize!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Public Service Announcement from Yours Truly!

Y'all knows that UV is bad fer ya, right? That'd be the UV radiation you get from sitting out in the sun too long, BTW. Now remember that you do want to get out in the sun regularly as you need your vitamin D, but over-exposure can be, well, bad.

Not only do ya run the risk of skin cancer, but it can make your skin look yonks (YONKS I tells ya!) older than what it really is.

Butt don't worry cuz if you're stupid enough you don't even knead to be over-exposed to the sun to get those wonderful skin problems! Tanning beds mate, tanning beds.

Hocked by hucksters to the most vain segment of society, these "beds" just bathe you in nasty UV radiation. And do you think ANYONE who uses them puts on sunblock, shirt, and a hat? What a silly question!

And there is now fotogaffic evidence of just what can happen to the skin of a "person" if she uses a tanning bed for a decade or two, consumes diet pills and Red Bull routinely and then shows up at a State Fair where anyone can see her!

Let's face it, no amount a makeup can hide THIS!

sp eew 2

And if that "person" were to perhaps continue on this path to skin destruction, it certainly won't be long before a picture like this is taken of her:


Fortunately, I don't have any of those skin problems as a very recent photo of Yours Truly has surfaced like putrid gas rising through swamp waters...


Meanwhile, somewhere on the Fleurieu Peninsula, a marsupial contemplates life...