Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Galah and Cockatoo

Yeah, yeah, I know. Y'all up there in that other hemisphere (especially those of you in Alaska) are going to hate me for posting these pics in the middle of your winter.

To that I say: Tough! It's my blog and I can post pics of purdy birdies if I want! Does it make you feel any better if I tell you that I'm very envious of the sled doggie pics from Akbushbaby and of the winter biking pics from Jill?

Remember when I used to write all the humourous stories of my youth? Most of them involved me hurting myself somehow. Well, I've got a great bike wreck story that happened only TWO days ago! Complete with pics! So, like, stay tuned!

Anyways, here's a pic of a Galah hanging out in a gum tree (eucalypt) in the back yard, and then there's a pic of a Cockatoo in the same tree a couple of days before. Enjoy!

Now, if'n y'all will 'scuse me; I've got a pool to jump into before I start making dinner for the clan.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tour Down Under!!! Wee-Hoo!

Some of you may be surprised to find out that I'm a cyclist and enjoy following the bigtime races. Why would this surprise you? Well, I don't really blog about it much (if at all). Why not? Well, there's plenty of cycling blogs out there and I've always been one for doing my own thing. Speaking of cycling blogs, two of my favs are Fatty and Jill, and they both happen to be nominated for Best Sports Blog this year. So how's about you go check them out and vote for whichever you'd like.

Who am I voting for???? Dunno yet! I got into blogging via Fatty (long story, he doesn't know it though), but Jill does winter cycling in Alaska, like I used to. Hmmmmm, better go flip a coin, eh?

The only thing I'll say today about my cycling is this: After a ride in the morning it sure is nice to come home and jump in your warm pool! Not that I'd ever do anything like that, but I imagine it would be nice and if I did do it then I certainly wouldn't mention it cus it would seem like I was rubbing in the fact that I have a pool and live in a year round summer. Ahem...

Food: shall I just say that I'm back to updating my wee little food blog and you should just go there to see all the new goodies?

Race pics!!!!

These today are from the Tour Down Under Classic in Glenelg from Sunday the 20th. I got a lot of behind the scenes shots and some very good race shots. I was camped at the final corner of the circuit (2 km circuit and 25 laps) at 150 metres from the line. I was also up on a ledge so I had a very good view over the 15 rows of folks crowding the barriers. The blokes would hit the corner at 50-55 kmh and exit around 40-45 kmh. FAST!

Here's a sample:

and here's one from the back of the team presentation area; this is a Caisse rider on his way to the presentations. They have REALLY cool looking bikes this year...

More race pics and behind the scenes coming soon, maybe even to this blog!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heat Down Unda

I've got loads of great Tour Down Under pics for you. Some great race shots and some excellant behind the scenes shots from Glenelg and from Hahndorf. Also some good overpass pics from the Unley to Victor Harbour stage (it only ran less than a kilometre from the possum lodge).

However....!!!!!  You don't get to see them today. In fact, I was gonna go down and stake a spot out on Old Wilunga Hill (of which I've ridden up many times) to was the pros go up it. I decided not too cus it's rather, ah, warm today. Standing outside at Glenelg for 8 hours on Sunday and then Hahndorf for 4 hours on Wednesday has made me decide that today (now that the weather is warming up) would not be a good day to repeat that.

How warm is it???  Well, my pool water temp is 92 F in the shady, deep end and when I jumped in the water felt chilly. Suffice to say, this ain't a day for blogging nor for standing by the roadside.

If'n y'all want any warm weather sent your way, just lemme know; we've got more than enough to go around!

cheers from Oz,


Oh, almost forgot about the great tomato(e) count:

Total number of tomatoes harvested: 44
Total number on vines: 57
number ripening on vines: 3 (two will be on tonights homemade pizza)

If you are wondering about the slight lull in output; the first 39 were from the first flush of fruit, then there was about 3 weeks when we didn't get any (buy more than 3 plants next year) and actually had to *gasp* BUY tomatoes! But now the second flush is starting to ripen, YIPEE!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Still Here!!!

I'm still here!! No, really... I am!

However, I'm going to keep you all in suspense till I have time to write (and post some AWESOME photos from The Tour Down Under Classic) a detailed (more than you may want to know) explaination (Lame Excuse) for why I haven't posted for a month.

Anyways: I'm here and I did not abandon all my loyal readers! I think I was up to 7 or 8 before the holidays.

more soonly and cheers from Oz!