Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heat Down Unda

I've got loads of great Tour Down Under pics for you. Some great race shots and some excellant behind the scenes shots from Glenelg and from Hahndorf. Also some good overpass pics from the Unley to Victor Harbour stage (it only ran less than a kilometre from the possum lodge).

However....!!!!!  You don't get to see them today. In fact, I was gonna go down and stake a spot out on Old Wilunga Hill (of which I've ridden up many times) to was the pros go up it. I decided not too cus it's rather, ah, warm today. Standing outside at Glenelg for 8 hours on Sunday and then Hahndorf for 4 hours on Wednesday has made me decide that today (now that the weather is warming up) would not be a good day to repeat that.

How warm is it???  Well, my pool water temp is 92 F in the shady, deep end and when I jumped in the water felt chilly. Suffice to say, this ain't a day for blogging nor for standing by the roadside.

If'n y'all want any warm weather sent your way, just lemme know; we've got more than enough to go around!

cheers from Oz,


Oh, almost forgot about the great tomato(e) count:

Total number of tomatoes harvested: 44
Total number on vines: 57
number ripening on vines: 3 (two will be on tonights homemade pizza)

If you are wondering about the slight lull in output; the first 39 were from the first flush of fruit, then there was about 3 weeks when we didn't get any (buy more than 3 plants next year) and actually had to *gasp* BUY tomatoes! But now the second flush is starting to ripen, YIPEE!


Suzer said...

92F in the pool in the shade!! I'm moving to hell:/ Just kidding sounds fantastic. We're lucky to get in the 70s in Auckland and the humidity if it does get any hotter is killer. Enjoying any sun that comes my way!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I am glad we don't get the humidity here in Adelaide. I didn't know Auckland was so humid...?

When I jumped in after dinner, the 92 F water felt roasty toasty since the sun was down. Big ole hot tub :)