Sunday, July 27, 2008

More About...

... the Tour will be coming soon to this blog. I'll basically explain why Marc Sergeant lost the Tour this year. Who? I'll explain soon. For today though, I've got a few pics for you.

This first one is for Ish, that cranky bloke in Kodiak. I'll bet he'll believe me if I say I was checking the brisket for tenderness...

Next is proof that cool looking bird pics don't always turn out to be "great" photos.
cockatoo landing blurry
nice wing

When you're pink and not very tough, ya gotta stick together!
tough and pink

Winter's can be very cold here. I mean just LOOK at this poor bird of paradise flower! Can't you see it's practically shivering?
winter bird of paradise
bird of paradise winter

Friday, July 25, 2008

Koalas and Cockatoos

Yep, another lazy post from yours truly (that'd be me). Only 3 more late nights/early mornings with the Tour and then life be be back to normal. Or at least as normal as it gets for me.

I'm even too tired to think of funny captions for these 4 pics, so if any of you think of some good ones drop me a comment and lemme know so I can add it to the pic. Thanks!

The first two are some Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoos doing what they do best (eating). And the other two are koalas doing what they do best (sleeping). All are wild animals that hang out around here.

perfect landing

hello birdie

shy koala

another sleeping koala

Goodnight, he said at 1055 am...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Time!

Yes, that's right: there's NO time! It doesn't exist... so hurry up and wait. Actually, we just got back from a movie (my friend will be reviewing it cus he writes much better than I) and I have to go finish up the chicken dinner. The stuffing is homemade with my own breadcrumbs from my own homemade french bread... *sound of dave's arm breaking from patting himself on the back*

Nap after dinner cus it's another day in the alps for the tour riders. My sleep cycle is rather wierd after two weeks of the tour: Get up around 530 or 6 am (I'm a morning person), read race reports and blog till around 8 am, have brekkie, work a bit around the house till lunchtime, take 2 hour nap, play around on the computer with cool 3d stuff (work!), make dinner, sleep from 7 pm till 958 pm, watch tour stage till 2 am, stay awake for the next hour or two from being wired, then take a nap till around 530 or 6 am. Lather, rinse, and repeat!

Well, since you all come here for some cool pics of exotic wildlife from Oz... Heck, how am I to disappoint my loyal viewers?

This is an eastern rosella parrot. They don't hang out in the suburbs, ya gotta go bushwalking here to see them.

eastern rosella

Ever seen a cockatoo with an inner ear problem?

falling cockatoo

I like koalas. They have the right idea with all the afternoon naps they take! Very wise. This bloke was about 20 feet up the gum tree.

sleeping koala

Saturday, July 19, 2008

T'was A Cold Winter's Day Down Unda

...and so go the winter days of our lives...

Ha! Just kidding! This ain't gonna be one of them introspective type posts cus I'm not exactly an introspective type of person. I think it may have something to do with the presence of a Y chromosome.

The tour rages on, the Alps loom, and Cadel's team had better support him in the mountians! Ok, enough about that. Lemme put up a few pics cus after all they are the reason you visit my little corner of the world.

This first pics shows you just how horridly cold the winter can be down here:

See???!!!?!? Isn't that just so visibly cold? I mean, the vines are growing and flowering, the hammock chair is still up, the cockatoos are around, the gum tree (branches in the foreground) have already flowered and the gum nuts have formed, and if you look closely you'll see there's 5 inches of ice on the pool! How, I say HOW, can winter get any bleaker... I've turned into such a wuss...

Look! Even this bloke is all fluffed up cus it's so cold this morning:

However cold the winter may get, we take it all in typical aussie fashion though:

"Oi mate, it's winter... What time's the footy on tonight?"

"7 pm. Pass me another tinny mate."


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too Tired To Write

Ugh... It's only the first rest day... This is a loooooooong Tour! I just wish the French were a little more considerate of us down here in Oz. Why do we have to the Tour on in the middle of the night? Cadel just got the yellow jersey (hey, one second counts) so should the next stage be run for viewing in his home time zone? Huh? SHOULDN'T IT???!!!!

At least I'll get some sleep tonight on the rest day. That means I might actually be able to write a logical, thought-provoking post. Oops, that damned sarcasm wasn't turned off.

Here's some more pics of cockatoos, galahs, and rainbow lorikeets. Cus I'm all nice like that. 

I really like the shading of the galah's wings. 

On the count of 3, everybody scratch. 1... 2... 3!

Like my wife says, size really does matter.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I think the title says it all. Busy! And tired! But I'm not above putting up some pics to keep y'all happy while I get my shit together for a couple of long posts:

This is a typical sunrise down here

I know this sunset doesn't have anything in it for reference, but trust me when I say this looked really cool.

I personally like this shot of the cockatoo. It may not be much, but since it's my blog I'll post whatever I want.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Gone Duck Hunting

Duck season! No, wabbit season! Duck season! Wabbit season! Wabbit season! Duck Season! I say it's duck season and that's final!

I've always enjoyed the looney tunes/warner bros cartoons :) Although I think Wile E Coyote was my favorite.

Anyways, we're heading out today to some of the lakes and parks around. Going ducking. Hmmm, everything is just ducky! Camera is coming with, so hopefully I'll have some good "shots" of ducks for you over the weekend.

In the meantime, here's some rainbow lorikeets having a disagreement on the swing set:

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Random Parrot Pics

This should keep y'all entertained for a while, or at least till I actually write something interesting.

Don't expect too much writing from me during July, but you can expect lots of bird pics to make up for my lack of sleep and linear thoughts: IT'S TOUR TIME, BABY! And since each stage is televised live down here from 10pm till around 2 or 3 am... mmmmmm, me and caffeine are really gonna get to know one another.