Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Time!

Yes, that's right: there's NO time! It doesn't exist... so hurry up and wait. Actually, we just got back from a movie (my friend will be reviewing it cus he writes much better than I) and I have to go finish up the chicken dinner. The stuffing is homemade with my own breadcrumbs from my own homemade french bread... *sound of dave's arm breaking from patting himself on the back*

Nap after dinner cus it's another day in the alps for the tour riders. My sleep cycle is rather wierd after two weeks of the tour: Get up around 530 or 6 am (I'm a morning person), read race reports and blog till around 8 am, have brekkie, work a bit around the house till lunchtime, take 2 hour nap, play around on the computer with cool 3d stuff (work!), make dinner, sleep from 7 pm till 958 pm, watch tour stage till 2 am, stay awake for the next hour or two from being wired, then take a nap till around 530 or 6 am. Lather, rinse, and repeat!

Well, since you all come here for some cool pics of exotic wildlife from Oz... Heck, how am I to disappoint my loyal viewers?

This is an eastern rosella parrot. They don't hang out in the suburbs, ya gotta go bushwalking here to see them.

eastern rosella

Ever seen a cockatoo with an inner ear problem?

falling cockatoo

I like koalas. They have the right idea with all the afternoon naps they take! Very wise. This bloke was about 20 feet up the gum tree.

sleeping koala


Suzer said...

For some reason I can't see the pics at work:/

We're having an Expats in Adelaide (multicultural so not just yanks) meet up tomorrow night at The Austral on Rundle Street if you'd like to come. There's a group of about 40 of us on Facebook, although I think there will only be about 10-15 there.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I will be falling asleep right after dinner. Sleeping till 9:58 pm. My July's are kinda, ahhh, different than most folks'. The Alpe d'Huez stage just finished and I won't be able to sleep till at least 3 am. Gonna be a fun bike ride at 6 am, hopefully I won't fall asleep on the bike :)

The pics: can you see the pics from the previous posts? I used different code on these so your work computer may not let you view flickr feeds perhaps? I'll change the code in the morning, no worries.

Mon said...

i wanna see a koala. they look so soft and cuddly. sigh. one day!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Suzer: can you see the pics now?

Mon: Their fur is surprisingly coarse even though it looks soft.

Ishmael said...

yeah, what up with their fur? Isn't it always like 100F all the damn time down there?

By the way, what's a "footy"? I'm assuming a "tinny" is a can of beer?

Is Fosters the bomb down there, or is it like Corona, just something they send to us Yanks and laugh?

And let me get this straight.... YOu're staying up to all hours to *watch* the Tour de Franc on TV?

But seriously, does anyone care with out a doped American in the field?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: Yeah... WHY do they have all that fur? I mean, sometimes it drops down to the high 80's at night in the wintertime! Silly buggers are them koalas and roos.

Tinny is a can of beer. Footy is short for football, specifically aussie rules football. I always get a kick our of seeing big, burly blokes talking about 'footy'! There's even a weekly roundup show called (I kid you not) The Footy Show.

Fosters: Yes, it's like Corona! The Mexicans are laughing at the yanks who think it's great, and aussies laugh at the overseas Fosters drinkers. My beer of choice down here is from Tas. It's James Boag's Premium Lager and has won numerous international awards. It's very very very good. If you can't find that, you can always go for a Cooper's Pale Ale. Go click on my 'beer' label and you'll learn all about James Boag's.

Le Tour... Yeah, silly me. Following a race that's actually clean for once. Bummer about Cadel's TT last night, but his team didn't give him the support in the mountains and the team manager is an idiot. Stay tuned for a post about that.