Saturday, July 19, 2008

T'was A Cold Winter's Day Down Unda

...and so go the winter days of our lives...

Ha! Just kidding! This ain't gonna be one of them introspective type posts cus I'm not exactly an introspective type of person. I think it may have something to do with the presence of a Y chromosome.

The tour rages on, the Alps loom, and Cadel's team had better support him in the mountians! Ok, enough about that. Lemme put up a few pics cus after all they are the reason you visit my little corner of the world.

This first pics shows you just how horridly cold the winter can be down here:

See???!!!?!? Isn't that just so visibly cold? I mean, the vines are growing and flowering, the hammock chair is still up, the cockatoos are around, the gum tree (branches in the foreground) have already flowered and the gum nuts have formed, and if you look closely you'll see there's 5 inches of ice on the pool! How, I say HOW, can winter get any bleaker... I've turned into such a wuss...

Look! Even this bloke is all fluffed up cus it's so cold this morning:

However cold the winter may get, we take it all in typical aussie fashion though:

"Oi mate, it's winter... What time's the footy on tonight?"

"7 pm. Pass me another tinny mate."


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Mel Keegan said...

Hey, Dave,

Great photos, as always ... you call this winter??? WUSS!

Got a blog for you here: an artist lady in Alaska (somewhere in the Valley area, I think). Check this out:

Cheers ... and when's dinner???