Friday, July 25, 2008

Koalas and Cockatoos

Yep, another lazy post from yours truly (that'd be me). Only 3 more late nights/early mornings with the Tour and then life be be back to normal. Or at least as normal as it gets for me.

I'm even too tired to think of funny captions for these 4 pics, so if any of you think of some good ones drop me a comment and lemme know so I can add it to the pic. Thanks!

The first two are some Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoos doing what they do best (eating). And the other two are koalas doing what they do best (sleeping). All are wild animals that hang out around here.

perfect landing

hello birdie

shy koala

another sleeping koala

Goodnight, he said at 1055 am...


Ishmael said...

Holy Eucalyptus, Batman, you have Koalas in your yard???????????

By the way, have you retired by selling the guano from all the damn birds in your yard?

Additionally, how many tons of bleach do you have to use in your pool a month to counteract the guano that must surely falls in it?

How about a picture of you holding a koala?

Are you happy that I didn't call them bears?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: I couldn't care less if you do or don't call them koala "bears". Although some aussies get irked about it, I'm one of them that would just rather let folks wallow in ignorance :) Unlike your learned self, of course!

No koalas in the yard, but these were taken only a mile or so away. We did have a koala hanging out in the yard when we lived up in Coromandel Valley, that was cool. There was also a family of possums in one of the trees and we could watch them coming down the branches at twilight. Please note, aussie possums are way different than North American ones, but I'm *sure* you'd know that :)

The guano keeps increasing in value, so I have no plans of selling it yet. Besides, already retired!

They don't crap in the pool, they are much too civilized for that. Wish I could say the same about the ducks that try to use it as their outhouse...

Koalas don't really like people. Even the tame ones are pretty persnickety about getting held and scritched by tourons. Hence, I don't. Lazy roos, on the other hand, will hardly blink an eye, especially if you have food. I need to get a pic up of me and a roo.

The sounds koalas make in the wild sounds like wild pigs rutting, which would sound something like a wild Bunyip.

Mon said...

omg, I would just die if I had a koala hanging in the neighborhood. are they destructive? I also think raccoons are the cutest, but they kinda destroy things. lol.