Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too Tired To Write

Ugh... It's only the first rest day... This is a loooooooong Tour! I just wish the French were a little more considerate of us down here in Oz. Why do we have to the Tour on in the middle of the night? Cadel just got the yellow jersey (hey, one second counts) so should the next stage be run for viewing in his home time zone? Huh? SHOULDN'T IT???!!!!

At least I'll get some sleep tonight on the rest day. That means I might actually be able to write a logical, thought-provoking post. Oops, that damned sarcasm wasn't turned off.

Here's some more pics of cockatoos, galahs, and rainbow lorikeets. Cus I'm all nice like that. 

I really like the shading of the galah's wings. 

On the count of 3, everybody scratch. 1... 2... 3!

Like my wife says, size really does matter.


Mon said...

there really is a huge size diff there, I didn't realize fromyour other pics!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

The cockatoos are pretty big birds. Wingspan up to 3 feet, males can weigh just over 2 pounds, females just under. Very large beak that's strong enough to rip wood to shreds, and claws that are quite sizable and strong.

They are also very very very very LOUD!

A group of them can rip an almond tree literally to shreds in a very short time. Broken almond shells and small branches litter below an almond tree when a flock of cockies finds it when the almonds are ripening.

Their beaks can exert a couple of thousand psi... more than enough to take a finger off if they felt like it.

I'd put a recording of their LOUD squawks up on the site, except for that everyone would think I'd cranked the volume up (when in reality I'dve turned it down).

Hmmmmm, big, loud, and annoying. Pretty cool birds, eh?