Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Galah and Cockatoo

Yeah, yeah, I know. Y'all up there in that other hemisphere (especially those of you in Alaska) are going to hate me for posting these pics in the middle of your winter.

To that I say: Tough! It's my blog and I can post pics of purdy birdies if I want! Does it make you feel any better if I tell you that I'm very envious of the sled doggie pics from Akbushbaby and of the winter biking pics from Jill?

Remember when I used to write all the humourous stories of my youth? Most of them involved me hurting myself somehow. Well, I've got a great bike wreck story that happened only TWO days ago! Complete with pics! So, like, stay tuned!

Anyways, here's a pic of a Galah hanging out in a gum tree (eucalypt) in the back yard, and then there's a pic of a Cockatoo in the same tree a couple of days before. Enjoy!

Now, if'n y'all will 'scuse me; I've got a pool to jump into before I start making dinner for the clan.


Jill said...

Beautiful pictures. I miss color.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Yeah, well... I miss the mountains. But not the cold. I checked Fairbanks the other day and it was -43.

akfnp said...

thats just plain mean.
-but lovely.
swim a lap for me.

Ishmael said...

Alive and well there, Dave Down Under? Been two weeks-plus since a post. Have you succumbed to heat stroke?

Ishmael said...

p.s. I have belatedly added your blog to my list of favorites, so expect your hits to plummet. Sorry.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oh crap, it really has been two weeks hasn't it... I'm getting slow in my old age.

I'd better get some more stuff up soon, and some more recipes. Gots lots of stuff to talk about.