Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Isn't Someone Going Help That Poor Man?

"Hush Harriet, that's a sure way to get him killed!"

I'm sure that all my regular readers will know exactly what movie those two lines are from and what situation it pertains to, also.

But when I hear those lines I think of something, shall we say... Different!

Perhaps maybe something like this picture...

Whoops, looks like someone doesn't wear her wig at home!

And feel to click on the pic to bring it up fullsize!


GinaM said...

LOL!! Blazing Saddles..right? Cleavon Little holding up his OWN gun to his head.

Anonymous said...


(laughing all the way)

Turtle Tears said...

Great shot of Tawd 7 months pregnant with Trigger! "I'm So Tired" of $P and her family!!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

@GinaM Nailed it one, spot on mate! Good on ya!

@Ti I can do so much cool stuff with dragonses now!

@TT I was wondering if anyone was going to notice that :-} And the minuscule dangly bits too, also.