Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Public Service Announcement from Yours Truly!

Y'all knows that UV is bad fer ya, right? That'd be the UV radiation you get from sitting out in the sun too long, BTW. Now remember that you do want to get out in the sun regularly as you need your vitamin D, but over-exposure can be, well, bad.

Not only do ya run the risk of skin cancer, but it can make your skin look yonks (YONKS I tells ya!) older than what it really is.

Butt don't worry cuz if you're stupid enough you don't even knead to be over-exposed to the sun to get those wonderful skin problems! Tanning beds mate, tanning beds.

Hocked by hucksters to the most vain segment of society, these "beds" just bathe you in nasty UV radiation. And do you think ANYONE who uses them puts on sunblock, shirt, and a hat? What a silly question!

And there is now fotogaffic evidence of just what can happen to the skin of a "person" if she uses a tanning bed for a decade or two, consumes diet pills and Red Bull routinely and then shows up at a State Fair where anyone can see her!

Let's face it, no amount a makeup can hide THIS!

sp eew 2

And if that "person" were to perhaps continue on this path to skin destruction, it certainly won't be long before a picture like this is taken of her:


Fortunately, I don't have any of those skin problems as a very recent photo of Yours Truly has surfaced like putrid gas rising through swamp waters...


Meanwhile, somewhere on the Fleurieu Peninsula, a marsupial contemplates life...



Anonymous said...

LOL Good one. Glad you are back. Happy B-Day early.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Dusty: Thanks mate!

To all: I *may* have my groove back. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Ya better have yer groove back! Jeebus, mate. That was wayyyyy too long of a break. You came back in style, though- and that was never in question.

Birthday? You never mentioned you were havin' your second twentieth birthday. A happy one to you, Dave. And many, many more.

PSAs should always be so, er, tastefully rendered. :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ti: I passed my second twentieth bday 6 years ago mate!