Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting settled in

G'day mates! 'Ow ya been?

Me? I've been busy. But it is all starting to settle down as we get settled in.

I am of course as per usual right in the middle of cooking dinner so this request of yours for a blog post comes at a most inopportune time.

Since it's been a bit since I posted I'm just sorta guessing that you've been requesting updates from Yours Truly --don't swoon ladies, I'm human!

In the space a 5 days the main living room went from looking like this:

To looking like this:
All those boxes are about where the chair is.

No need to swoon ladies, I'm human!

But if any of you do need something to swoon over, how's this?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I live in Alaska and dearly enjoy your blog! One thing in particular was the swimming pool at your old place. Do you have one in your new place? It made my day to imagine myself one day lounging about in a similar pool when we finally split this place. Admittedly, I feel like leaving mostly in the spring when it just isn't happening here. All the best in your new digs.

Thanks again,

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Hi Deborah! Always nice to hear from someone from Alaska.

The new place unfortunately doesn't have a pool but that IS ok. They're a lot of work to take care of properly (next time I'll just use a pool service, duh).

We do however have a 1 metre deep 3 metre wide above ground pool with it's own little pump and filter that we set up in the back. Can't swim but it's very nice for soaking in on hot days.

I'll get some fresh stuff posted soon, I've been way too far behind on this blog for way too long now --gotta get back into it for sure.

heatherbrie said...

Ok, found your blog when I looked up how to make tortillas without lard or shortening (of which I have neither in Bangkok), and while, as a Washingtonian (the DC kind, not the rainy kind) who loves to cook and moved hubby and two cats to Bangkok for a UN job after 2 years on a sailboat in the Caribbean, I'm not particularly surprised by the idea of an Alaskan Down Under, I was gobsmacked by the Drink Naked apron - how does an Alaskan in Australia get his hands on a Northern Virginian vineyard's swag?

Patrick Glancy said...

I too found your blog while searching how to make tortillas without lard. We just moved down under from Oregon a month ago. Missing good Mexican food :)

Thanks for the post!