Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Veni. Vidi. Lavi.

Oi, mates. Not too bad for a crotchety ole trucker, eh? Well, actually... 3 of the 4 people in the household know (and WP REALLY knows) latin. I didn't have to go very far to find the translation.

What does it mean? Well, first let me show you some parrot pics and then you'll get your latin lesson for this century.

I was taking shots of a big ole sulfie up in the top of the tree, when a galah went to land on a branch next to his galah blokette. I had the camera set for the white cockie in bright light, and the galah landed in the shade, hence the bad balance. I *could* fix it, but that'd be cheating.
galah landing with cockatoo watching

I did get a couple of nice closeups of the cockatoo though:
what is over here

Alrighty folks, what's the caption for this shot? Put on your thinking caps and grab your sense of humour and gimme a caption!
look ma no brains

not amused
We are not amused

Hey y'all, look! It's cousin It!
what long hair

Veni. Vidi. Lavi.

I came. I saw. I washed.

But just WHERE did I wash? Gee, do you really have to ask? Silly buggas...
shampoo 01
Please note the SLS-free shampoo and the lack of any other nasty carcinogins in the 'poo.

Good thing it's cheap, cus us hippies need lots!
shampoo 02
Please take note of the "Popeye" forearm... and the "Scarecrow" bicep...

Scrub all the bald spots well!
shampoo 03

And after scrubbing the grey beard then scrub the bald spot some more!
shampoo 04

And don't forget the stinky parts...
shampoo 05

Now, just how many guys do YOU know who have the cajones to post this picture of themself up on the ole system of tubes?
shampoo 06

Just one last srcitch of the bald spots...
shampoo 07

Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd the first rinse cycle!
shampoo 08

shampoo 09
Where am I and why is this wet mop on my head?

Second rinse. Please notice just how disgustingly dirty the bottom of my left foot is. Yes, I walk barefoot a lot.
shampoo 10

Yup, it's still a wet mop.
shampoo 11

Dave goes down under for the final rinse cycle!
shampoo 12

Gee, just like "Adventures With Bill". But without the grey hair, thankyouverymuch.
shampoo 13

And the crowd goes wild!!!
crowd going wild

or not...


Anonymous said...

And how much of that brew have you consumed?

Loveanewidea said...

Funny, funny...cheerful way to start my morning.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Anon: Well... actually none... These were taken before the first batch of lager was ready. Hey, I can'ts lie!

Liz: I've been told I'm funny in the mornings. Or is it funny looking in the mornings?