Monday, February 02, 2009

Another Heat Record In Adelaide

Before I tell you all about that, here's a parrot picture for those of you who only come by to look at purdy birdy pics:
busy birds

Now, as far as the heat wave goes... MY NEW WEATHER GIRL IS A LYING BITCH!!! Why? Cus we've just equaled a one hundred year old record of consecutive days over 40 C in the shade (that's 104 F if you have an enquiring mind). However: one several of those days my new Weather Pixie trollop hasn't recorded anything of 95 F. Maybe she just doesn't want to take the bikini off if it gets any warmer?

For example, on a day of an official high of 42.5 C shade temp (108.5 F) the dumb bimbo said 95 F. Ummmm, yeah right. You don't really want to know what the temp in the sun has been. I'll give you a hint: Anything between 130 F and 147 F would be a good guess.

SUPERBOWL!!!! My one US football game each year. Wee-Hoo! Although I do look forward to (and follow) the TDF much more than US football, it is nice to watch to superbowl live, Monday Morning at 10:00 am. Damn I'm glad I'm not working!

I was going to make some wings and other hot stuff for my once a year gastronomical gorge gathering, but it's just been a leeeetle bit warm. So I've went with dips and chips.

Obviously, I've got some of my Chilli Cherry Chutney that I made. A red bell pepper with chilli dip, french onion dip, cheese and chive dip, and I'm about to make a spicy cheese dip as soon as I post this. Yes, I made them all.

But I didn't make the chips. Why not? Cus that involves a lot of frying and baking and that pumps a lot of heat into an already hot kitchen. So yes, I bought loads of flavoured potato chips and corn chips.

Ta for now, gotta go pig out on junk food!

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