Friday, January 30, 2009

We've Abandoned The Upstairs

This was a decision not taken lightly, either. See, there's a/c in one wing of the upstairs (WP's and mine) but the unit cannot handle this heat. Sleeping in an upstairs room over 100 F is not my idea of fun.

Ole Denethor tried to tell us that he'd not so lightly abandon the upper ramparts; we told him to go fuck himself!

Sooooooo, we are camping out in the back, downstairs. There's a brand spanking new split system installed in the back (many many many thanks to the owner) so last night we moved a futon pad down into the sunken lounge in the back room. Ahhhhhhhh, bliss. Even BIL crashed down there on his inflatable camping mattress.

I had dinner in the pool last night. And lunch. And today's lunch. And I'll be having tonight's dinner in the pool too.

The official high was 43.1 C or 109.58 F in the shade. Here I saw 112.5 in the shade, and it's currently 104.9 F in the shade. I moved the temp sensor into the sun for a while... 147.2 F Ahhhhh, now I'm starting the thaw some frozen bone marrow that was amassed thru 5 decades in Alaska.

Do y'all like my new weather girl? Just look to your left... I'm sure everyone up north is hoping for the heat to continue so they can get a daily bikini fix.

I had to thaw some bacon earlier. I put it on a plate and placed it in the sun. Well, not only did the bacon thaw, but I don't even have to cook it! Yup, one plate of crispy cooked bacon. Yummy!

The cockatoos have an interesting looking way of handling the heat. They have all their feathers plastered against them (they look really skinny when the do that), they open their beak and pant, and they have their wings about a quarter of the way open. They do their best to look very pathetic. They are also very quiet --WAHOO! Quiet cockatoos!!!

Here's some pics:
cooked cockatoo 2

cooked cockatoo 3

cooked cockatoo 4

cooked cockatoo 5

I think the cat fried his little brains...
roasted cat


KC said...

Dear lord. Ne'er man nor beast was meant to live in those temps! Come back to Alaska, we have sane weather!

I noticed the Lorikeet in the background is looking rather haggard in the first picture.

(My confirmation word for blogger is `suckeple.` Which about sums up your heat nicely.)

Ishmael said...

Damn, a black cat on hot bricks. You sure we're not seeing you cook it for dinner?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

KC: At times like this I'm tempted... and then I jump in the pool and make the tempatation go away :) The lories seem to do better in the heat, at least by looking at them.

Ish: The Lord and Master of All He Surveys does not let a little trifling heat get between his Royal Butt and the bricks. He is weird.

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Domestic cats arose from the deserts and jungles of northern Africa, and, rather like their status as incarnations/icons of the goddess Bastet, never ever forgot it. They like heat. Crazy felines.