Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Summa Down Unda

Yes, summer has officially arrived down in South Oz. How do I know? Well, the forecast for today is 41 C in the shade. The morning started out at 32 C at 7 am in the shade here at the ole homestead. We've already passed the 41 C shade temp and it's only noon. Right now in the direct sun next to the pool it's 51 C and holding.

Now, I've noticed there just might be one or two of my USA readers who have no idea what the temps in Celsius means. So I have therefore come up with an easy way to convert from C to F which you should be able to do in your head. Although I'm sure someone in Kodiak may have difficulties at first, I'm sure his two brain cells will eventually find each other and make baby brain cells.

Let's start with the 51 C temp it is currently at right next to the pool. The pool currently has a water temp of 90 F, but that's not important right now.

Step one: Grind teeth together and wish dave lotsa bad luck.

Step two: Double the C temp. Hence 51 doubled is 102.

Step three: Call dave some really nasty names.

Step four: Take the 102, drop the last digit, and subtract it from 102. What this means is you drop the "2" from the "102" which now becomes "10", and then subtract that 10 from 102. Which is, of course, 92.

Step five: Take out a contract on dave's miserable, pathetic life via Mario in Sicily.

Step six: Take the 92 and add 32 to it. *Note: 32 is a constant and is always added at the end*. Then your final answer will be 124 F.

See? Wasn't that simple?

cute koala awake
Oi, mate! Where'd that tinny go?

This message brought to you by...
waving hi

And I'm sure that some of you would like to do this to me right about now:
pool dunking 01

pool dunking 02

pool dunking 03

Update: I totally forgot about the Great Tomato Count. The total of tomatoes harvested stands (or sits) at 279 so far for the season. Woo-Hoo!!!!

Another Update: It's now 133 in the direct sun, but still hanging out in the middle to upper one-ohs in the shade. That means it's about 108 F in the shade. The official temp for Adelaide at this particular moment (1:05 pm, Tuesday, January 13th, 2009) is 103.1 F. Hmmmmm, didn't I used to listen to that radio station in Los Anchorage?


Ishmael said...


Nice formula, but does it hold up with temps that don't result in a three-digit number?

Dropped last digit = 8
8+32= 40.


I do know what -40, zero and 100 C are!

If it were the same as KPH to MPH, I'd have it nailed.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: 40 doubled is 80 (as you figured out --good on ya, mate!--), drop the last digit *0* so you have 8. Here's the step you forgot: subtract that 8 from the 80, giving you 72. Then add 32 (a thermodynamic constant, trust me) to arrive at 104 F.

In other words: really f*cking hot.

Suzer said...

Is hot...so so hot, and suzer has no a/c. I shall be sleeping with an ice pack again tonight:/

Ishmael said...


I figured I musta missed something.

Those two brain cells weren't quite connecting.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Suzer: Ugg! I've endured a couple of summers here with no ac, not fun. Have you thought about getting a portable evaporative unit? They are only about 100 dollars and cool a room quite nicely.

Ish: Don't worry, they'll soon meet up, get married, make lots of little brain cells, then get divorced and have a custody battle over your new brain. :)

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