Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If Ya Can't Stand The Heat, Git Outta The Oven!

Before I talk (write) about how nice and warm and roasty and toasty it is down in South Oz, here's a few parrot pictures to placate those who drop by for their daily bird. Oh, BTW, flickr is being disgustingly slow today, so I uploaded these with blogger. That means (as you all know) click on the image to get a larger size.

Now then. It's rather warm down here this week. Yesterday the forecast was for 41 C in the shade (106 F) but it peaked at the "official" temp station at 43.2 C (109.76) shade temp. The temp here at the ole homestead yesterday was 112 F in the shade (44.5 C) and the temp in the sun was 139 F (59 C).

Well... today is warmer. The forecast is for 44 C in the shade (it's already 45.5 C in the shade down at the official weather station at 1:48 pm, Wednesday). That's 114 F in the shade. Here at the homestead it's 117.2 F in the shade and a whopping 145 F in the sun.

The water temp in the pool is holding steady at 92 F (33.3 C). For those of you who've ever been to Chena Hot Springs just outside of Fairbanks, you'll notice that this is the temp of the pools there. Mmmmmmm, feels warm when you jump in, eh?

Well, right now I have to steel myself for the onslaught of the frigid water penetrating my every pore and finding its way into places cold water just shouldn't be!


And stay off my lawn!!!

On a bright note, I saved some money today. I baked 3 loaves of bread. Didn't bother to turn the oven on, just put the bread pans on the hot bricks outside...


off2fish said...

I think you should send some picks of those Easter egg parrots over to
Are they tasty?

Fizzgig said...

holey crap. its an ice storm today here. blah!

KC said...

Ow! My condolences. Don't let the heat bake your brain. You might need it some day!

Hey, is it really worth doing the two-step over to Flicker? I know you and Cathy(@Keepingitreal) both use flicker instead of blogger... I've nary a clue why, though.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

off2fish: I've been thinking about that. Didn't know the bloke takes submissions, cool. Hmmmmm, wonder what he'd come up with for the lazy koala pics...

Fizzy: Wanna trade weather? Please?

KC: I've got a couple of groups at flickr that I put photos on, and a few websites actually link to me cus of the flickr shots. Haven't had a problem with them since we've had broadband, but we went over our monthly free allowance and the speed brakes were applied by Bigpond.