Sunday, January 04, 2009

Proof That I Don't Wear Underwear

Yes, you read that right. Besides, it's just way too confining and sticky. Imagine having some fabric riding up your you know what when it's 95 F in the shade and 126 F in the sun. Yeah, that's what I think too.

But before I give photographic evidence to all you perverts, lemme at least put up a birdie pic. Of course, since perverts are reading this today I figure at least one of the rainbow lorikeets should be mooning the camera!

four lories

Yeah, shake it baby!!!!!

While I was cleaning the pool, me best mate decided to start without me! The bastard! The nerve of that bloke:
starting without me

And now...

What all you perverts have been waiting for...

With baited breath... *pee-uuu your breath stinks*

Here's proof that I (dave) don'ts got no humility nor sense of tact...

no underwear

Nah, jus' jokin' with ya!

Here's what really made that bulge:
blue tongue

Hey, big boy. Is that a lizard in your shorts or are you just happy to see me?


Mel Keegan said...

Mel: More than one actually NEEDED to know ... but one is always amused and gratified to be kept appraised of these little details.

Dave: Oi, who're you callin' little?!

Mel: The lizard, my dear, the lizard. What on EARTH did you think I meant?


The Alaskan from the south of Australia --
The one with impressive...
Paraphernalia --
Lounged too long in the pool
In attempts to keep cool,
And expired of accute Cascade
Premium brew failure.

Donations are being taken for the wreath.


CabinDweller said...

Happy (Belated) New Years, Dave - I do love the pics and your racy headlines - but - can't you just be suffering a little down there somehow? Like maybe it rained one day or something?

All this greenery, and warmth, and beer drinking by the pool is making me more than a little bit jealous right now.

Either that, or prepare to be tracked down by a bunch of frozen Alaskans, demanding shelter and beer.

Fizzgig said...

was that in your yard?????

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mel: Cute. Now when are you bringing over a case or two?

CabinDweller:can't you just be suffering a little down there somehow? It's rough I tell ya, ROUGH! Any Alaskan who wants to thaw out is, of course, invited, no worries. It's BYOB (buy your own beer), but I'll provide the pool. And the six burner barbie for the sausage sizzle. And a place to crash (tent on lawn perhaps?).

Fizzy: Aussie blue-tongue lizards are GREAT to have around. Firstly, they are very timid and don't bite. And they eat bugs. They live on cochroaches, silverfish, some spiders, etc. They are only about a foot full grown. They reason they have a short tail is they almost always throw the tail when they are young to evade birds (and cats). We rescued this bloke from the pool. I'm pretty sure he and his sheila live in the gap between the two fences. Hmmmmm, this sounds like it needs a whole blog post...

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