Friday, January 09, 2009

Wild Hot Young Tender Cherries

bowl of cherries

Oh my... I've just noticed that some of you *perverts* may have misconstrued the title of this post. Well, sorry... Time to get your mind out of the gutter *and back in the sewer where it belongs*

Now, there's a really nice, new trail out at Belair National Park. It makes an easy way to get to a memorial which used to be a real pain to get to. But if you go past the memorial and through a meadow between a bunch of redwoods, you'll come to a border of the park. Directly on the other side of the border is someones old cherry plantation.

As in cherry trees.

We didn't hop the fence (barbed wire, ya know), but there are 3 or 4 cherry trees on the park side that self-seeded themselves a few years ago.

Those trees produce cherries.

Really, really good cherries.

See, look for yourselves:
cherries on tree

The trick is to get there just before they've fully ripened so the birds haven't eaten them all. And now that there's the new trail I guess next season we'll be battling hikers for them too, sigh...

On our way back we spied this bloke doing the standard Aussie thing in the middle of the afternoon:
really tired koala

I do have a picture that may amuse the *perverts* who swung by here because of my misleading blog post title. Hmmmmm, the picture may also just amuse me mates back in Alaska since there's some kind of cold snap going on...

jumping nekkid into pool


Karen Travels said...

Those cherries look delicious! Send them my way!

Love the Koala pic!!
Is it common to see a koala in the wild? For some reason I was under the impression that they were rare.

I want to visit Australia!

Fizzgig said...

hm. naked in the pool. I couldnt leave home cus of the snow.


omg the koala! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! id die if i saw those out and about they are so cute!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Karen: We're going back there on Thursday to load up with more cherries. I'd send some to you but I don't think they'd survive the trip. They aren't ultra sweet so they'll be perfect for making cherry jam with. There's now quite a few koalas in South Aus, and if you know where to look and HOW to look for them you'll see lots. There's a couple of trails way deep in Belair National Park where we always see koalas. Saw 7 different ones one time.

Fizzlesticks: Well, you at least got the day off from work! And if you're *steaming* then that'll help clear the driveway :) There are some drawbacks to the pool though: In winter you still have to clean it even if you ain't usin' it. See? You only have to shovel snow when it snows, but I always have to clean the pool... sigh...

Would either of you like me to make you a screensaver with koala pics? I've got loads of great shots. Lemme know, no worries.