Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Summa Heat Down Unda

Yep, summer (summa to an Aussie) is finally here. And it sure did take it's darned time gettin' here, I might add. Crikey, mate! The bloody pool 'as been bleedin' freezin' in the morns and it don't get warm till late arvo!

Of course, not everyone is happy. This sheila looks like she spat the dummy:
galah in gum tree

The "official" shade temp today was 42.3 C --that's 108.14 F for you mathematically disinclined folk. At the ole homestead it hung out at 111 F for most of the arvo (shade temp of course). I moved the sensor into the sun for a bit... decided to move it back to the shade when the reading got to 139 F.

For some DUMB reason I was barefoot while watering the plants. You know, the ones in pots sitting on the hot bricks. Ummmm, yeah... Even through my massive callouses I felt the skin burning --smelled it too. Had to jump in the pool to cool my feet.

Speaking of the pool, I had to scrub the walls 3 days in a row. Darn. Jumping in the freezing water is juuuuust such a bother.

There is, of course, a very easy way to BEAT THE HEAT. Would you like to know what it is? Of course you would!

hot pool stud 1

This actually is harder than it looks. I had to attach some floatation devices to the bottom of the picnic table to keep it from sinking. The floatation was a couple of empty 2 litre plastic bottles with the caps screwed on tight. The attaching was done with The Handyman's Secret Weapon: Duct Tape! Yes, I duct taped a couple of plastic jugs to the bottom of a picnic table to float it in the pool. Does this qualify me for membership in The Possum Lodge?

And now for a closeup of yours truly (that'd be me):
hot pool stud 2

hot pool stud 3

Are you wondering what dave had for lunch? Well, the beer is a Cascade Light. On hot days I prefer the light beers to more full bodied ones. The roll is one of dave's homemade rolls, the feta cheese is from a local cheesewright, and the red topping is Dingo Dave's own special homemade Chilli Cherry Chutney with onions and garlic (soon to appearing at a recipe blog near you). It's very very tasty. I'm not kidding!


Suzer said...

That chutney sounds great...yr makin me hungry, as well as wish I had a pool.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

The chutney is very very very good. Fruity, spicy, and sweet --like me!

You actually don't want a pool. As much as I brag about it, the damn thing is a lot of work. Weeeeelll, that's how I feel in July. But in January and February? Hmmmmm, singing a differnt tune :)