Monday, January 19, 2009

Morning View Between My Naked Hairy Legs

Well, actually, ummmmmm, gosh... this was the view between my naked hairy legs at 7 am while I was in the pool lounger. Just thought I'd be a bit more specific than what a blog title can be.

HOWEVER! Here's a pic of a sulfur-crested cockatoo for all you bird junkies:
cockatoo with crest up

I moved around to the other side of the tree to try and get a better pic, however the bastard (Aussie term of endearment, BTW) had this to say:
cockatoos rear end

Y'all can make up your own captions as you see fit. In fact, how's abouts a contest?! Put your best caption in the comment section and you just might win a new car! One that is electric! runs on AAA batteries, 10 inches long, and has no steering. Or a screensaver or wallpapers!

Switching gears --I'm sure you heard the grinding...

This is a picture of the pool temp gauge that measured the water temp in the shady, deep end... it was actually warm in the shallow end... from the other day when it was *rather* warm outside.
pool temp

Now, today the pool is NOTICABLE COLDER as it's only 101.8 F in the shade and 132 F in the sun. But don't worry, I'll be fine as I'm sure it'll warm back up soon. This means the water is around 88 F or so. Better get the 5mm wetsuit out.

This brings me to the title of this post: Just what the heck DOES the view betwixt dave's naked, hairy legs look like at 7 am?






between hairy legs

Well, apparantly I got some sheila's attention:
sheila cockatoo
Goin' my way, stud?

Notice the burgundy colouring around the iris. That tells you she's a she, and not a bloke pretending to be a she.


Frances said...

I love the colours in the first pic.

Caption(1):0ooops...The branch is beendiiing...too many of the Old F*rts left-overs.

Caption(2):Pisssst. Hey, hand me up some Berochas will ya, Mate

Fizzgig said...

sigh. i hate the hot, but it does sound lovely to be floating around in the pool!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Frances: You are allowed to type "fart" in these comments, no worries. In fact if you look at my first few posts you'll see that I've got quite the potty mouth ;)

Fizzygrog: Pool=good

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Nice temp! We have 79.5 water temp right now. Refreshing... could be a little warmer for staying in long, but ok!

KC said...

I didn't get any further than the headline, but I couldn't help but read `Australian topless bathing ban urged` and think "Oh, some poor fool stumbled into dave's back yard." :(

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: Ask those two stowaways to put in some extra insulation for you. That cold water temp is NOT made for prolonged hull contact!

KC: "Oh, some poor fool stumbled into dave's back yard." And you'd be right, mate!

In reality, there's some bible humpers (in the minority cus no one else cares) over in sydney that want some of the beaches there deemed non-topless for women. Personally, nothing disgusts me more than a fat, hairy bald guy in speedos.

Hey, we still got Maslin's Beach down here in south Oz!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Frances: My leftovers deserve a wee bit more respect, thankyouverymuch. However, since you are the only one who added a caption, what would you like? Screensaver or wallpapers? Trawl through the archives and pics what pics you want, no worries.

Frances said...

Well! Thank you, Dave.
I would like wallpapers of Koala(s).
I'm at