Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Australian Flora and Fauna Pictures

Plus a few other pictures. Why? Why not! It's my blog and I can put any pictures of anything on it. So there.

Firstly, how's abouts some closeup pics of roses? Everyone loves roses, right? These were taken right after a rain shower and I tells ya that you just gotta click on them to embiggen. It. Will. Be. Worth. It.

Download, use as wallpaper, tell your friends, no worries. Full size they are 1600 by 1200.

Firstly is a peach colored rose with dew drops.

Seriously, Puh-Leeze click to make it bigger. Pretty please?

Here's a red rose with dew drops. You can magickly make it a full size of 1600 by 1200 picksuls too! Feel free to purr-loin this photo too, no worries.

And just how about this bloke?
gday cockatoo
G'day mates! Didja know I gots bi-knock-you-lar vision?

Now, at this point I do feel the need to add a slight editorial comment/advice for me blog blokes and blokettes way up north. In Alaska, of course.

Didja all know that very soon you will be looking at this and feeling the minus 60 degree Fartenheight temperatures that inspired this photo?

Please click to make it slightly larger. And it's another freebie from Yours Truly --don't swoon ladies, I'm human!

It was made in Bryce with 6 different terrains. The terrains were all made in Terragen Basic and exported as 8-bit .sgi pngs, imported and played with in Bryce to make the mountains. Lots of atmospheric effects too. I'm pleased. It looks DAMNED COLD!

See, she agrees with me.
glaring lorikeet
Don't even THINK of moving me to that climate!

I shall now go take a nap as that seems to be one of the myriad things I'm good at. Plus I like taking naps... Hello little nap, where shall I take you?
koala naptime 1

Perhaps I'll take one over here instead.
koala naptime 2

Nope, changed me mind. This is the bestest nap-taking spot!
koala naptime 3


TwoYaks said...

I'm now convinced that Koalas spend 95% of their times napping, and 5% of their time going to find a place to nap. Where they fit in time to eat and mate is beyond me. ;)

Arvay said...

Beautiful! When I embiggen them, I feel like smelling them!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

TwoYaks: A koala can accomplish loads of stuff in a day! Why, just look at what they do all day: sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, rut, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, rut, sleep, sleep, sleep. Can you say that every day you accomplish all 20 things you set out to do?

Arvay: What? Didn't the scent come through? I always upload my photos with scent. I'd suggest you upgrade your computer, o/s, and browser.

Alaena said...

Ugh... you just had to bring up the whole 60 below thing didn't ya?

So party at your house, say, January through March, then?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

@Alaena: That works, no worries. Bring your swimsuit!

Titanium said...

Pretty sure that's my drool all over those fine, superfine roses. Damn, Dave. Them are gorgeous!

I took a big whiff (thinking I had the right upgrade), but only managed to upload a week's worth of gym socks. Which made it easier to choke back the sobs, when I read that whole -60 bit.

(pulls socks through her ears, glowering)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

TITanium: Best. Comment. Evah!