Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I made it back!

And here I'll bet most of you thought I'd gotten lost whilst over in the USofA. Or maybe I was just being lazy about getting a write-up of the trip? As it is, there is waaaaay too much to write up in a single post and if I go thru it day by day then it'll be next year by the time I finish up and can get back to the 12 apostle story!

So how about I just toss up a few random pictures over the next few posts? Sure will save my fingers a lot of wear and tear, that's for sure mates.

First up is me at the National Air and Space Museum.
Even the dude in the space suit liked my tiedye!

My uncle deep fried a turkey on Memorial Day. It was sooooooo good! Best turkey I've ever had.

You can find my deep fry turkey write up right here.

These next 3 are about the whole reason for the trip: dad's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.



This was the only day I wasn't wearing a tie dye shirt BTW.

Look! The White House as scene from the Washington Monument.

Here, let me help you find it...

And this is taken from the exact same place, same camera!

Yeah, good camera!

This sculpture in Arlington is supposed to be something about Cupid. However I found it was a frighteningly realistic portrayal of the road system there!

Those of you over there know exactly what I mean.

I'm guessing everyone in Charlotte has a picture like this.
Only mine is much more better than yours, so there!

I so totally REFUSE to grow up!
For some reason I was the only person doing this at the Natural History Museum.

Hand held, no tripod. Still the same camera, still the same lens.
The camera I had for this trip was a Fuji HS10 if anyone is interested.

I can do really good lens flare too.


Of course if you don't clean the dust off your lens for a few days you'll get even better lens flare!
A trick discovered quite by accident by yours truly.

By the end of the trip my uncle still had not learned how to frame a shot properly.
But he's now getting better as Anna and I got him a camera so he can practice!

Yes, it is a water bottle in my pocket and I am happy to see you.

Luray Cavern was very impressive. But waaaaay too warm for a cavern. Too much touristy body heat.

I do like the reflecting pools in caverns. Gotta hold the camera very very very steady.

I sure hope they don't fire up these rockets anytime soon!

Nope, Anna doesn't drink too much. Whatever gave you that idea?

As usual, I enjoyed myself.

And, as usual, I never pass up a chance to relax.

Expect more random pictures from the trip over the next few posts, no worries mates.


la isla d'lisa said...

GREAT pictures, Dave! I'm glad you got to enjoy some of your trip.

Fizzgig said...

you came to the states! Yet you didn't get a photo of holding up the washington monument? I'm kinda disappointed, i expected that from you! lol

you wouldve had a way better time if you visited Cleveland, Oh...you know we got a casino now....it's our only claim to fame besides the rock n roll hall of fame (which is kinda lame)

I've still never made it to DC, my mom moved there after she graduated and never had a kind word to say about it. all about bad driving, and rats.

awesome pics though!! awesome camera!!

Anonymous said...

Love the tie-dye shirts, Dave! Thanks for bringing us along on your trip with these shots... that camera is pretty sweet :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Lisa: I did enjoy the trip, even the service at Arlington was good. I bawled my eyes out of course.

Fizzgig: I thought about it, but didn't want to be one of the lemmings LOL. Couldn't resist the T-Rex shot though. Next time I'll try to get to the Midwest, no promises though. And yeah, traffic and drivers in DC sux.

Ti: I got a lot of compliments on my tie dyes. I was, ummmm, noticable. I'm pleased with the camera, does everything without having to change lenses.