Saturday, June 23, 2012

More photos from my USofA trip!

And in any ole random order too! Why? Why not!

Firstly let's get the gratuitous phallic symbolism of The Washington Monument out of the way as I took this picture of Tonya (niece) and Anna (big sis):
Yes, the framing of the shot with those two nice ladies was purposefully done by Yours Truly, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of the Washington Monument, does anyone know what these little fiddly bits of gold on top mean?
Obviously something to do with The Freemasons and buried treasure I'm sure.

And no, I did not scale the monument nor did I hover in the air (I left my cape at home this trip) to get the above picture. It's called a good camera.

Anna has two cats. They are brothers. They are long-haired Burmese cats. Here is Felix:
He's the small one at only 14 pounds --that's 6.35 kilos which is 2 kilos heavier than His Royal Highness!

And this is Oscar, weighing in at 18 pounds or 8.16 kilos!
They are both very friendly and quite scritchable too.

This is a lot of fiddly-bits!
Notice I've no water bottle in my pocket anymore, but I'm still happy to see you.

THE original studio model used to make some science-fiction telly show back in the 60's.
Not sure which telly show, anyone remember?

Warning: NSFW! Hardcore threesome truck porn!
Made you look *snicker*

Biltmore House was overwhelming.
And if I ever get that rich I'll be doing something to help out the poor instead of building a house like that!

Had lunch at an Irish Pub in downtown Charlotte one day. Good food, nice atmosphere.
But their Guinness was ICE-COLD! Had to order a Newcastle Brown whilst my pint of Guinness warmed up enough to be palatable.

What is it with US'n's and their ICE-COLD beers?

Orville and Wilbur Wright liked my tie dye shirt so much the demanded that I pose with them in a picture.
They weren't as photogenic as I, rather flat that day.

The Dolphin Bar down in Jensen Beach Florida was nice. Excellent food, good salad bar.

And a certain actress from yesteryear was The Patron of the place!

How they kept those dolphins hovering over the water like that is beyond me!
I joke of course. Everyone knows dolphins can levitate.

What do you think of my camouflage?
Bet you had to look twice to see me since I blended in so well, right?

One of the best Mexican restaurants I'd been to! And it's right in the heart of Shenadoah in a little town called Luray in Virginia.

That's all the photos till next post. Don't worry, I still have over 3200 more to share with you!

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