Friday, December 08, 2006


For those of you (my six or seven regulars) who checked in last night aussie time, you may have noticed a post up there about 10 times...

Ummmm, I can say sorry, eh? We still don't have broadband access in our area and there are times when the dialup refuses to connect to some overseas sites, like blogger, or any secure server like my banking and finance sites. Sooooo, I really had no idea whether it ever went up (or how many times).

Anyways, it's all fixed this morning --it's friday morning here, and the post looks like it should.

There'll be a story later, but I've got a food tip to tide you over till I get back to my holiday feast recipes:

Dave's food tip #42,657

Use extra virgin olive oil on your bread instead of butter or margarine. Your arteries, heart, and waistline will thank me. Oh, and put some good herbs on too, most of the common ones are very beneficial to your health.

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