Sunday, November 18, 2007

How to be funny (or stupid!)

Apparantly I have some new readers...  Hi there New Readers! No, I'm not waving at you from the keyboard; sticking my tongue out at you, perhaps... but surely not waving :) Ok, I lied... I did just wave.

Somebody out there in never-never (blog) land thinks I'm funny (wee-hoo) and has told other folks. This means I'm under pressure to come up with something funny!

Well... you could always tell them amusing anecdotes of growing up in the wild...

Huh? Who said that?????

ME: I did.

ME TOO: Oh, you're right!

ME: How's about the time when you almost killed yourself with your hatchet?

ME TOO: THAT wasn't funny!

ME: Well, I laughed...

ME TOO: Jerk!

ME: How about the time when you slept with that guy you'd never met?

ME TOO: Shut UP! You're gonna get me in trouble.

ME: What about when post-holed your entire bare leg into a wasp nest?

ME TOO: *sounds of hitting and kicking inside dave's head as ME TOO kills ME*

All right, I guess that means I need to finish the Canoe Story (there really is a part two!!!!), so that I can tell you a whole bunch more creek stories.

However, I also need to go make some 'roo burgers for the clan so that we can all eat tonight. On the menu is bbq kangaroo burgers (with bacon and other trimmings), chips (fries for those of you "up north") and strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Ta Ta for now!

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