Saturday, November 10, 2007


Well, actually, none of my posts are "pointless"; just thought it'd make a good title for what's to come in this post...

Overheard at the Possum Lodge Downunda:

just a reminder: WP is wifey-poo, and ME is yours truly

ME: (while taking clothes out of washer) Hey hon! Some unknown person left some tissues in a pocket.

WP: Oh God! I'm sorry!

ME: No, no. I'm not sure who it could possibly be. Besides, only a bit of the tissue was left in the basin, the rest is embedded in the clothes.


ME: Lemme go put 'em on the line and see how bad they are...

time passes...

ME: Good News!

WP: Huh????

ME: Well, not only did most of the tissue shreds come off as I was pegging clothes on the line, but I've now got a suspect!

WP: Oh, please do tell.

ME: Since a vast majority of the laundry was female undergarments, we could conclude the suspect is female, or at least someone who likes to dress in feminine skivvies. Also, I found a lock of long red hair so we're looking for a "lady" with long red hair!

WP: Oh great! We're looking for an Irish Setter that likes to wear womens underpants.

ME: Ummmmmm... "I" didn't say that...

WP: (Laser beams of death shooting out of eyes) It's a damned good thing!

Next topic... (since WP is now ready to kill me)

Has anyone noticed that in different parts of the world weather reports can me totally, completely different things? Well, I have!

In Fairbanks, Alaska, partly cloudly (in summer) means that as soon as you get off work it'll cloud up and get thundery.

In Anchorage, Alaska, partly cloudly (in summer) means you'll see a couple of patches of blue sky once or twice during the day.

In Seward, Alaska, partly cloudly (in summer) means the clouds will lift high enough so that you can see the lower slopes of the mountains.

In Juneau, Alaska, partly cloudly (in summer) means there's a very miniscule chance that it won't rain all day long.

In Adelaide, South Australia, partly cloudly (in summer or winter) means that, by some freak weather anomaly only occuring once a century, you just might see some sort of unknown puffy white thing in the bright blue sky for a moment or two!

After 35 winters in the frozen north, can any of you guess which weather report I prefer?

Next topic:

My (our) 3 tomato(e) plants now have over 34 tomatoes between them! The get fed a steady diet of dried cow poop and lots of water. We reckon that by the end of April we will have harvested over 100 pounds of fresh, organic, juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes. YUM!

Next topic:

The temp in the pool was 25.5 C (78 F) early this morning. Right now (mid-morning) it's 27 C (80.6 F), and by this afternoon it should be (fingers crossed) 30 C (86 F). Can any of you guess where I'll be between 2 and 3 pm today? My handmade thermal pool covers really do work!

I'll be putting a food post up on my other site today --how to feed 4 adults for 4 days on only one chook. So check out Dingo Dave for all your food needs!

5:30 pm update!

The pool temp in the deep end at 4 pm was 31 C (87.8 F), and in the shallow end it was 33 C (91.4 F). Wifey-poo and I enjoyed a very nice hour or so. It was so nice that when I got out to give the parrots their afternoon seeds the water felt nice and toasty when I jumped back in! Oh, air temp in the shade only hit 30 C today.


Suzer said...

1. How do you water your plants with the water restrictions?

2. 100 pounds of tomatoes?! Do you sell those suckers or use 'em all?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Suzer: Everything that's planted in the ground is very drought tolerant and well shaded --Since we moved to this place in May I've yet to have to water anything in the ground. I grow everything else in planters, hanging baskets, or cheap buckets. We are still allowed to water those by hand with a watering can at any time. 20 liters (5.25 gallons) a day by hand is a helluva lot less than someone uses to wash a car! I personally think the water restrictions are ridiculous as it allows someone to use a hose for 3 hours a week on a useless lawn (leave your hose running for three hours straight and see how much water goes through!!!) Geez, I could run the clothes washer once and use so much more water than the plants do!

Here's the latest:

Sorry... rant over...

Oh wait: since I made my own thermal pool covers the pool uses less water than 6 weeks worth of someone watering their lawn.

Ok, rant is really over now, promise!

100 pounds of tomatoes over 5 to 6 months sounds just about right for us! If I do get a huge clutch all at once I can always bottle my own tomato(e) puree for winter use :)

Ishmael said...

Okay Dave, all this talk about 85 degree pool water is one thing, but to throw 100 pounds of fresh, organic, vine-ripened tomatoes in your Alaskan readers' faces is downright cruel.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ishmael: I never had a "green thumb" up in Alaska. But down here, sheeeesh just stick a twig in the ground and it'll bloom!