Monday, February 18, 2008

A toofer

Hey, you get two today! I just remembered I'd forgotten to keep you posted about the Grate Tomato(e) Count, my pool temps, and various sundries.

So, we are up to 70 tomatoes off the 3 plants (two flower flushes from each so far), and it looks like we'll get at least one more batch of flowers from each plant. The tomatoes have been getting 
smaller as the drought gets worse, so it's not much use weighing them. But boy are they TASTY!!

I decided not to turn on the solar heater for the pool today, that way it won't get any warmer than the 92 F that it's at. It's going to feel really really really good jumping in that sucker in about an hour to cool off from the heat (105 F in the shade, over 125 F in the direct sun).

Ahhhhhhh....... I really do think of you all up in winter at times like this...

Woke up to something cool two days ago. I was walking around the pool (did I mention we have a pool?) early in the morning when the sun was just rising to see which group of cockatoos and parrots had shown up, and I almost walked into a web.

One of the garden spiders that hangs out under the balcony over the pool hadn't pulled her web in that morning! They usually pull the web in well before the sun is up; maybe she was still digesting? I don't mind the spiders as they take care of a boatload of insects.

I noticed that the sun was rising right behind her and shining through her making her look like she is glowing. I swear this photo is NOT doctored at all:

Hee, hee! Let me find someone to bite and transfer my radioactive spider powers to!

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