Saturday, February 23, 2008

Me Being Observant

Alrighty! I think I'm noticing a wee bit of a trend here... When I post some sort of pointless rambling, or attempt to write something witty, I get pretty much no comments! That's ok, I'm not a writer and I don't play one on tv so I wouldn't expect anyone to think I'm a funny writer.

However, back when I was posting funny stories from my youth where I'd hurt myself, I DID get comments! I get even more comments when I post pictures from Oz ('stralia, mate). I've also noticed that I get more comments from folks up in the cold north when I post summertime pics from Oz. Perhaps it's cus seeing pics from a warm place maybe helps you mentally thaw out in the frozen arctic?

Did I mention in my fizzix labs at UAF my lab partners referred to me as "master of the obvious"? I *think* they were being sarcastic cus the TA just always said "read the f*ck*ng manual, dave!"

But for whatever reason I have surmised y'all like funny stories of me hurting myself, and pics from Oz. Funny stories from my youth are many, the only thing is they take some time to write cus my wreck-o-lection ain't what it used to be.

So today you get some pics instead! But I'll put some funny captions on them for you to make up for the lack of storytime.

Here goes:

"Now remember: we are bound to hit him when he walks under the tree if we all crap at the same time!"

"Harriet, if he's trying to impress me, it's not working."
"Quiet Blanche, it's working for me!"

"I wonder what the view is like from way down there?"

"Why am I always the one on guard duty?"

"... and THEN the penguin says to the bartender, 'but I already HAD the fish and there's STILL no olives!' Ha, Ha!! Get it?"
"I don't get it Larry."

"I wonder if this looks as attractive to humans as it does to other cockatoos?"

"Not NOW, honey. That weirdo peeping tom with the camera is watching!"

"... swee-eeet home, Alabama!"

For those of you puzzled over the last caption, I'll tell you in 3 days why the bird was singing that song (at least that what it sounded like to me). In the meantime, how's about y'all try to guess? You've got three days...

Oh yeah: I thought of a LOT of funny ones (especially for #3), so put a caption for a pic number in the comments so everyone (or at least my wonderful visitors) can see how witty you are.


Kentucky Girl said...

Post what you want and screw 'em if no one comments! :D

Lovely photos! It is strange to see them in the wild...and flying around like that. The only ones I've seen flying have been the ones flying from someone's shoulder to the top of the curtain rod. :)

Suzer said...

Yeah my friends are totally useless at posting comments. Then they go on and one about how they can't wait til I come home to visit. Grrr....

I still have a hard time believing these birds are in the yard as opposed to the local pet shop. My hubs had one as a pet when he was kid...his parents name is Wanker! The bird could say it's own name;)

Ishmael said...

You have some mighty scrawny chickens there -- are they good eatin'?