Monday, March 10, 2008


hot... stinky hot... bloody-well hot... fucking hot... worst heat wave in 100 years... isn't our summer supposed to be over???

Now you know why I haven't posted anything for a bit. I've got lots to say, but this computer doesn't run when I'm in my nice, cool, wet, damp pool (which just happens to be where I am most of the time during this).

It started 10 days ago (I think) and the long range forecast is for it to continue for at least that much longer. Tomorrow should be a bit of a break, only 95 F in the shade so that'll be a big relief. After that though it's back up to hot weather.

I'm keeping myself semi-sane by reading about the iditasports, iditarod, ice carvings, and dog mushing; I *think* it's working.

BTW, if any of you think you're cold or that you are tough and macho, then go read this: Jill's subarctic journal.

I'll tell you about the cockatoo singing next time, too bloody hot right now... I'm off to the pool. Which, by the by, is being kept at a nice, cool, friggin cold,  90 F temperature.

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