Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There And Back Again: Chapter Two; Strath to Tailem Bend

or you might call this chapter "Flight To The Ford", but then again you might not. Although we did defintely hurry our way along to the Faerie Crossing, we certainly weren't fleeing anything. Unless you count putting as many kilometres betwixt ourselves (in the car, it's mobile) and the homestead as possible without blowing an engine...

Here's a pic of the area we traversed. Just click on it so you can see it full size, no worries.

Oh, but wait! What's that you say? You have no idea what route we took??? Gosh, I am sorry and I do apologise profusely. Here, let me help:

Go ahead, click the map. No worries mate.

Here's a pic of the prize we are chasing after:
Click on it, I dare ya. I double dare ya! Harumph... wuss.

Bee-four we get to any of that cool stuff, we first must depart from the parking lot at the middle of Strath. However, I was distracted by these two buggas:
fornicating bugs at strath
Yes, I do tend to notice (and get distracted by) tiny, weird critters doing their tiny, weird critter thingy --at least that's what WP calls it, ahem.

The drive along the northern coast of the lake.

Doesn't this look thrilling?
langhorne creek
Why, look! More vines!

My gosh! A dry lake! Do you think we are in the middle of a DECADE-LONG drought?
another dry lake
Naaaaa, it's just "seasonal"...

I was bored, so shall you be. THHBBTTTT!
fun drive

falling asleep

Now, this next picture will totally blow you away! This is the end all, be all, picture that there ever was!






thriliing view

And here is absolute PROOF that I see the world through Rose-Tinted Glasses!
staying awake

Oh No! The Faerie is shut down till noon today! Hmmmmmm, guess even fairies need some dregding out every once in a while.

This is where we want to go:

Let's just zoom in a bit on that thar far shore...
closeup destination

Of course we had to wait for the dredging to finish. That means I got to take some pics of the town centre of Wellington. Yes, the Courthouse has it all!
bustling wellington

Yo, Ish! Can you find out how may pounds of gold that is?
lotta gold

Hmmmmmm, nope. Still workin'. Of course one of those blokes on the left NEVER moved from his/her perch for hours. Damn. If I had to work, then that'd be the job.
rinse and repeat

I'm reminded of the Fort Knox construction days...
ferry crossing

Please notice the blokes hard at work. Sorta reminds me of home...

Fast-forward past another boring part... and we are in Tailem Band. Look! They even have a train:
tailem bend 01

And the obligatory pub:
tailem bend 02

What's a country town without a drive-thru boozateeria?
tailem bend 03

At those prices, I'm very glad we brought our on cooler full of homebrew!

Just a reminder as to WHY I'm doing this:

Just click on the pic to expand it all the way up to its full-sized, technicolor glory! Why? Cus these are just sooooooooo cool!


LoveANewIdea said...

Loving going on this journey!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Thanks mate. But I blew it with the title... Shoulda called it Flight To The Ford! :)