Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'll Get You, My Pretty! And Your Little Doggie Too!


Ill get you

And the flying monkeys go crazy!
lorikeets in action

On a serious note (yeah, riiiiiight) can anyone I.D. this little bloke. I know what it is and I know it's darned hard to get a good picture of the flighty little bastard so I'm very pleased with this. But do YOU know what it is?
new holland honeyeater


trevs72 said...

looks like a wattlebird but a quick net search doesn't find one with the yellow winglets.

la isla d'lisa said...

aside from just plain awesome? nope. looks like the infamous "lisa's imaginary zebra-bird", though.

KC said...

New Holland Honey Eater.
Ask me how I know. ;)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

trev: The beak and body morphology is very similar to a wattlebird, but this bloke is way smaller --but there's no way to tell that from the pic.

Lisa: Zebra-bird... I like it!

KC: You win a kewpie doll! What did you do, go out and buy an aussie bird book so you could make yourself look smart? Or did you actually read through my archives and comments where I talked about them --bored at work, perhaps?

KC said...

Well, I do have an extensive set of bird keys, though best for North America. And I know how to narrow things down to at least broad groups. I also know a couple of non-Alaskan birds on sight, from my time in college.

But I didn't even get a chance to use this knowledge and these tools, this time! Because when I clicked on the picture to enbiggen it, there at the top was the name of the bird. :}

Anonymous said...

I have a tough enough time IDing North American Birds, so I fear that I won't be much help to you on this one.

I wish I had a legion of flying monkeys.