Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wild Kangaroo Pictures

Well I think the title of this post pretty much say it all. Can any of you guess just may or may not be contained within this post?

If you guessed roo pics and dave trying to be funny for things contained in this post, then you'd be right mate!

If you guessed serious, thought-provoking, inspiring writing as something NOT contained within this post, then you'd be right again mate!

WP and I go to Belair National Park pretty regularly. We know the trails to go down to see loads of koalas, the places to brambling, cherry picking, herb picking, etc. Wanna know where a family of kookaburras hang out? Just ask and I'll tell.

I know where a flock of long-billed corellas congregate at sundown.

Wanna know what a yellow-tailed black cockatoo sounds like? Yep, I know.

I even know a good place to see emus, but they aren't always there.

But roos now. Roos have always been hard to spot. Well they are nocturnal, sleep in the underbrush, and we are outta there by sunset. Needless to say, we've only seen one roo there before --and that was the old blind roo that's been around the area for yonks and knows all the trails, well, blindfolded.

Getting back to the kangaroo photos...

I proudly present Skippy and his brood!

Keep in mind they do sorta blend in...
blending in

And they like to play hide-and-seek:

And it turns out it's a bloke and his sheila:
daddy and mommy roo

They must be starting a family cus there's a joey in her pouch
joey in pouch

She's fairly petite compared to him. Just look at those shoulders!
mommy and daddy

We really weren't too close, this shows the distance better:
farther away

She is just sooooooo cute!
shes so cute

This is one certified stud of a roo:

And he's gracious too! Ladies first.
ladies first

Well, time to get home and cook dinner...
dinner is served
Mmmmmmmmmm, roo burgers...druuu-aaaal!


Suzer said...

yup my thoughts before getting to the last pic were....mmmm tasty;)

la isla d'lisa said...

Took me awhile to see him in the first photo. Too funny that, aside from a nursery rhyme I still recall (kookaburra sittin' in the ole gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he ...) - I kind of thought they were made up. 'Til I looked it up. Really not what I had imagined, but rilly, rilly cute!

jojo roxx said...

Cutie cute kangaroos! Edible too? sad.

Alaska-womom said...

Mmmm, thinking roos are cuter than moose, how do they can up?
Sweet and sour roo, that just sounds wrong.
Great pics.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Suzer: teriyaki roo burgers... yum!

la isla d'lisa: They do blend in quite well in the scrub. Kookaburras... guess I'll have to put some pics of them up.

Jojo: They are very cute, and I do have to apologize for being a carnivore. But I do like the taste, sorry.

Alaska-womom: I think they are cuter than moose too. Canning... every heard of rootail soup? Kinda like oxtail soup. Anyways, there's a company that cans up rootail soup and exports all over the world. You should be able to find some place online in the US that carries it. Fried rooballs (think meatballs, not the other thing)in a sweat and sour sauce is very tasty!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a big boy. I hope the little joey makes it.

I wonder what roo burgers taste. I know ostrich meat and bison meat is very good.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Sciencebloke: Roo meat has a gamey flavour, a bit gamier than caribou, but less than moose. It's very lean (98.6% fat free) so you have to be careful when cooking it that it doesn't toughen up. For my roo burgers I make some kind of sauce --usually bbq or teriyaki-- to work through the roo mince (ground roo) so that it doesn't dry out on the grill. When doing a roast I'll put an inch of water in the bottom of the covered roasting dish so the roast is nice and tender --and rub it well before cooking with whatever kind of seasonings the clan is in the mood for that evening.

Alaska-womom said...

Sounds delish and I will keep my eye out for canned roo when I hit the big town of Anchorage. Canned roo balls though? That's plain worng. Poor roo.

Fizzgig said...

they are reallllly cute. the boy is huge!

do you really eat kangaroo? eeeeek!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Alaska-womon: Thinks meatballs, but made with ground roo instead of ground beef; hence I call them rooballs :)

Fizzgiggle: They are very cute, and the males of the Big Greys and Reds can get very large. These are Western Grey's and the male can get up to 7 feet in length --including the tail.
Tasty too. I also eat Bambi, Thumper, Rudolf, and Bullwinkle.

LoveANewIdea said...

Wow - fantastic photos.
Ewww on the last photo - such a plot twist!