Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night Fights


I still can't believe that bloke not only make a living but made a shitload of money with that phrase at the Caeser's Palace boxing matches. Dang, I coulda been a contenda.

I know it's not Friday night for most of my loyal readers AND these pics were taken Friday morning (8 hours ago) but by the time I get this post done I'm quite sure it'll be Friday night SOMEWHERE on this planet.

I'm thinking Kiwis will be perusing this post on Friday night. Everyone else will have to wait till it's Friday night your local time to read the post.

No, I'm kidding. You're actually reading this as I think the words thanks to my new invention that'll revolutionise blogging! It involves a tin foil hat, electrodes, metal colander, and several car batteries. Who wants to be the first --oops-- I mean "second" to try it?

Back to the Friday Night Cockatoo Fights!

First, let us me the ref. A ref for any sport should either exude authority out of every orifice so nobody messes with him, or s/he should be so big and/or ugly that nobody messes with her.

Here's the ref:
the referee
Hmmmmmm, big AND ugly.

The nosebleed seats are filling up fast
nosebleed section
The sparrow's selling peanuts and beer, btw.

The lucky ones get the balcony seats
balcony seats 01

balcony seats 02

balcony seats 03
C'mon! I wanna see a punchup!

The two protagonists have the traditional staredown
the staredown
Grrrrrrrrrr! Grrrrrrrr!

Meanwhile, the rowdy crowd is being entertained by a naked female trapeze artist
bird giving birdie

Our galant gladiators come to attention for the National Anthem
nat anthem
We who are about to die, salute you!

Even the rowdies in the mezzanine section stand for the anthem
rowdy fans

They're especially well-behaved because of the security presence
You know the security bloke is a badass when he wears pink!

The Champ breaks with tradition and jumps onto the ring first!

The challenger is quick to follow!
c vs c

The crowd gasps in breathless antici........Pation!

The two combantants circle each other, both looking for an opening to launch a furious assault!
warily circling 02

The crowd leans forward, sensing something big is about to happen!
something happen soon
Oh boy, this is gonna be great!

The challenger makes a feint to his right which the Champ easily evades!
warily circling
Hahaha! Your puny attack won't work against The Schwartz!

But wait! The feint was just a setup for the real attack!
dueling cockatoos
And the Champ is down!

To the victor go the spoils
the victor
What? Just sunflower seeds?

See how easy it is to make a story up with a bunch of random pictures? Now it's YOUR turn!

I'm putting in five pictures and you get to make up a story. Try to keep it under a thousand words and feel free to use the comments, no worries.

Or if you want to do the story with above and below captions so it's illustrated like mine, then just format it thusly is the comment section:

{top caption}Blahblah
Dave, picture #1 goes here
{bottom caption}blahblahblah

{top caption}Blahblah
Dave, picture #2 goes here
{bottom caption}blahblahblah

and so on.

So put on your thinking caps (or toupe) and have some fun!

Here's the five pictures you have to work with:

Picture #1
caption this 01

Picture #2
caption this 02

Picture #3
caption this 03

Picture #4
caption this 04

Picture #5
caption this 05

So have some fun! Heck, even if you only want to caption one picture then go ahead, no worries.

You have until the sands... run up.

PS how many movies did I reference and what are they?


LoveANewIdea said...

Hmmm...will have to think on the photo comments. As far as movies, I suspect I'm way off, but I only find "On the Waterfront" and "Gladiator"?
PS - just fantastic photos of the birds...I LOVE their coloring.

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Nudity! I am shocked and appalled. Perhaps some pixelation is in order.

Alaska-womom said...

OK, I'll ggive it the old college try...

Photo # 1(White Birdie) Hey get off the feed or I'm gunna poop on you.

Photo # 2(Same White Birdie) "Look, I've got help, its AlaskanDaveDown Under.

Photo #3 Both Birds "We rule! We rule! That's right little Greenies,we rule"

Photo #4 More gloating and general birdie bragging and bad bird language.

Photo #5 Both Birds sigh, "Oh,she's a girl birdie......."

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Or how about "Alaskan Dave has too much time on his hands"?? That's a good caption for all of them!!! Ha ha ha - great shots of the yellow guy on the balcony. Also love all the green ones - they sure can look mad when they want to!
If I had too much time on my hands I would tackle this, but we are madly working on the boat and provisioning to make the 1000 mile to weather trip up the outside of Baja...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

LoveANewIdea: Hey, someone actually got On The Waterfront! Very well used line but not many know where it came from. Good on ya mate. As far as the other one, well, I can trace it's spoken words back to a film from 1951 and also from the silent era... There's a few others and it'll need a full blog post.

ScienceBloke: Full frontal bird nudity! That's me!

Alaska-Womon: I'm definitely gunna use those as balloon speach --if you don't mind. If you do mind, well, tough shit.

SV Meerkat. Holy-Crikey Mate! 1000 miles to weather? Dang, I know that lil ole hobies don't like going upwind... How do you Big Cats handle beating to windward? Or are those two lazy lay-abouts down below gonna cheat and hank on the ole dee-sail?

Karen Travels said...

LOL...great pictures...