Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Immaculate Ibis Images

I had a huge post planned about just how rich I've just now become, BUT I just had to post these pictures of a Skeksis invasion of Playford Lake. Of course we don't call them Skeksis here on Earth; we instead refer to them as Ibis.

As we all know the 42 books of ancient wisdom (hey, where do you think Douglas Adams got his research from? ME!) written by Thoth were the precursors to the books I'll be writing in a thousand years... But, more importantly, Ibis is the modern translation of Thoth (okay, I just made that last part up).

There ya go; 3000 years of history is one short paragraph.

Before I post the Ibis pics, I have to ask you a question. I do know the answer so don't think you're smarter than me, hmmph.

What is the name of these birds, what did they used to be called, when was the name changed, and why was the name changed?

Well, alright, I'm sorry. That was 4 questions. But I'm sure that some biologist up in Squarebanks will be equal to the task. BTW, no biologisteses from Alaska are allowed to use google or wikipedia. The rest of you can, no worries.

Oh, and feel free to add a caption to any of the photos in the comments, no worries!

And if anyone wants a fullsize wallpaper (optimised for your screen size) of any of these, just drop me a line, no worries.


Heeeeeeerrrrreeeeee we go! (We'll start with the crappy ones first)

Ibis 01

Ibis 02

Ibis 03

Ibis 04

Ibis 05

Ibis 06

Ibis 07

Ibis 08

Ibis 09

Ibis 10

Ibis 11

Ibis 12

Ibis 13

Yeah, I can't think of much else to say either. Except, of course, BLOODY GREAT PICTURES DAVE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very strange to see the pink flesh under the white feathers.

Alaska-womom said...

These birds were once called the ugly vulture like looking birds who look like they are bleedig. That took too long to say, plus it was not very polite.

Fizzgig said...

they do look like skeksis. like flamingos weariing white feathers and black masks. weird!

LoveANewIdea said...

Love the pinky red color inside their wings and on the back of their heads.

Jessica said...

Sorry for the random comment! I came across your blog whilst searching for temps about Adelaide's heatwave earlier this year :D

I adore these birds. Their common name is Australian White Ibis. They used to be known as the Sacred Ibis (which lives in Africa), but they've been identified as a separate species in Australia. The scientific name is Threskiornis molucca :)

And I think the red part under their wings is just part of their plumage. I've never actually seen that before!