Sunday, June 28, 2009

... they're taking me with them, Doolittle...

sunny day

So, like, what movie am I referencing and what the hell does the title of this post mean? I'll give you a hint: Very Famous Director.

Here's the rest of the shoot:

sun pic 01

sun pic 02

sun pic 03

sun pic 04

I'm assuming (and guess what that makes both of us!) you've all had a chance to research koalas. Everyone should now know about the two claws on "one" toe of the hind feet. And also how many digits on the front paws are opposable. Of course you all probably know about the fingerprints too, also.

What? Did I confuse you? Then go visit Ma Google and find out! Sheesh, like I've got time to do your research for you? Well, if you pay me...


Anonymous said...

What is: Dark Star?

dragonfly said...

Beautiful photos:)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

sciencebloke: Good for you! You've decided to clean the elevator.

dragonflying: Well, ummmmm, gosh... THANKS! Actually, I was taking pics of the cockatoos and whatnot in the back yard and noticed the sunlight streaming through the vines. The ole fuji 6500 was set on full auto so all I had to do was press the button... Don't tell anyone, 'k?

Anonymous said...

Just live some place to sun shine.......

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