Monday, August 23, 2010

3d Stuff and A Sore Butt!

We'll get to the 3d stuff, but first you get to hear about my bruised and sore butt.

Did I do this to myself accidently like wiping out on a bicycle? No.

Did I do this to myself on purpose? No.

Did I pay someone to do bruise my butt? Yes.

Was she tall, statuesque, and have big Ta-Ta's? Yes.

Did it involve her elbow? Yes.

You all should have all the information you need to make an educated guess in the comments. Just keep it clean --just kidding about that last part!


I have some new software arriving for my Birthday. I share the date with a washed up actor from a 70's buddy cop show and also with a not washed up actress from a late 90's and 00's sci-fi tv show. Any guesses?


Whilst waiting for my new software (Bryce 7 Pro with all the obj imports and all the other bells n whistles, and the full version of Millennium Dragon 2 for DAZ which includes the chinese dragon) I played around with World Machine 2 --the free, basic version-- to get some erosion effects on a terrain that I then loaded into Terragen.

I'm pretty pleased with how the renders turned out. Just click on a pic for a 1280 by 800 version!

First, a view from the magic helicopter 5000 metres above the ridgeline that is 500 metres above the frozen water --also know as ice.

Then the magic helicopter drops down to 1000 metres above the ridge.

And then the magic helicopter runs out of fuel which of course causes it to crash onto the ice. But not before this final picture was taken:


I've never been accused of having a big mouth, but there are times it'd come in handy...

thick burger

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