Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long Vacation Is Over Mates!

Yes indeedaleedy, those whole, long, wonderful four DAYS down on the Limestone Coast sure did fly by mates! Which is of course the reason why I'm only just now starting to tell y'all abouts it!

*cough cough*


Right, well the Wifey-Poo and I have been back for 18 days so I suppose I should throw up (blarf) some pics of the trip. I would have done this sooner except for the fact that I've been very busy playing around with 3D stuff.

No you perverts, I mean 3D software! Sheesh, get your minds outta the gutter and back into the sewers where they belong.

I mean seriously mates, just how much photo-shopping do you think it takes to shove a pole up a land rover and erect the whole thing 20 feet into the air in all it's glory? No, wait... don't answer that, just lemme show ya!


Oh heck, here it is full sized!


But of course the time taken for that totally-not-photoshopped actual-REAL photograph was nothing compared to the time it tooked me to rocket across to Mars, land, set up base camp with all it's accouterments, and then wait patiently for months till the Martian patrol ships flew over!

What? You don't believe me? Harumph. Here's some totally NON-photoshopped proof (180 thankyouverymuch) of the Martian patrol ship:

on patrol

Whoopsie daisy! That little teeny tiny thingy-ma-bob sure doesn't cap-shore the essence of what I really saw whilst I was on Mars.

Perhaps this real photograph of a Martian ship will look just slightly more better...
on patrol

Yeah, that's what I thought too! Pretty bloody-well cool mates, eh?

Full disclosure: I didn't really go to Mars. The car rental broke down at the secret Aussie MoonBase and we had to be towed back. But I'm SURE it woulda looked just like the above, 100% original by dave -thankyouverymuch, piece of 3D artwork.

Back to the trip...

As we were nearing our destination for the first (and all) evening, we came across a field. A field with CRITTERS! And they wuz just the CUTEST critters you ever did see!



What's not to love about that! Just how can anyone not love that?

Hmmmm, I just can't remember what was on the menu for later that evening...

Lamb Chops

Yes, I'm sure I'm going to Hell... But don't worry cuz I'll keep the light on for ya mates!

And as a side note, BBQing the lamb chops over searingly hot lava from the tips of your wingclaws is THE BEST way to grill lamb!
Bringer of Light2

I know, you've already told me where I'm going (I have very explicit directions for piloting that thar handbasket too, thankyouverymuch) and that's why I'm keeping the fires warm for all me mates who come and join me!


Arvay said...

I love the lambo!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

It was soooooo cute! Only lamb in the flock of around 20 sheep, I almost missed seeing it.