Monday, March 12, 2007

Another leg cast for dave...

I was thinking of calling this post something like "The Last Remake of Wounded Knee" --with full acknowledgements to the late Marty Feldman, of course. But then I thought the title might offend some native american folks (the silent 99% of them would laugh --trust me), and perhaps even some Athabascans, Yupiks, and Inuits that I know (but not really, cus they are cool). Please note: if you're a white PCer then I couldn't care less if I offend you, and if you are a right-wing conservative idiot... well, let's just say you and I don't see eye to eye.

I have a great respect for indigenous folk, heck they carved their little niche out of the wilderness when us white european types were still trying to kill each other (and still are). I've always wondered what would have happened to the conquerors of the "new world" (I really dislike that term..."New World"... blarf) if the Incas, the Aztecs, and all the tribes on the US east coast had gunpowder... hmmmmm...

A few years ago (back when I was in Alaska), a friend of mine went down south to see if she could find a job and live in a big city --meaning: she went to a big city in the lower 48. I really don't remember which city, but it was in some state in the eastern rocky mountains. She also happened to be an Athabascan. As she was walking through downtown (denver????), she noticed practically everyone staring at her. After a few minutes of walking around and having all the "good white folk" of whatever city (denver???) staring at her, she approached one of the gawkers (she's never been shy). "Do you know why everyone is staring at me like I've got a third leg or weird tentacles?" The answer (keep in mind, a complete stranger) was, "Well, we're wondering what the heck you're doing off the reservation."

Needless to say, she was on a plane back to Alaska pretty much immediately.

When I first arrived down under, I actually looked for work (GASP!!!!!) and, of course, found work. I "worked" my way up to one step below State Manager --wee hoo! Big bucks here I come! But then, when I was at a statewide sales meeting... the dream was shattered... During the presentation of the statewide sales meeting, the gist of the talk was all about the main city, the surrounding suburbs, and only a few of the rural areas. I asked (somewhat naively), "Why don't you look at all the rural areas, especially up north?". Heads swiveled towards me and one of the managers said (this is an actual quote), "We don't bother with those areas cus they have a skin pigment problem." Everyone in the room laughed and guffawed (except for me).

I quit that company soon thereafter.

Well, hell. This post is waaaay too heavy for a light-hearted young dave story. Let this be a lesson to you all, eh?

cheers from Oz,


ps if my hands weren't as tired as they are, then you'd be getting a recipe...

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We'd been wondering where you've been on the Did I Say That? forums. You even have your own thread. :)