Friday, March 09, 2007

Holy batpoop, birdman!

Before I get to the topic to go along with the title of this post (friday afternoon, if you are interested), I would like to make ANOTHER exclamation... WOW! Someone reads me! I checked (chequed) me (my) stats (statistics) yesterday (turdsday(thursday)) and found out that ya'll actually care about (love?) moi (me).

Alright, enough of the darned paranthetical comments (for now).

Since there is at least one or two folks out there in never-land who are checking for updates from some old Alaskan who's retired down under, I thought I should oblige the reading public and just perhaps pontificate about my day --this means that I should get off my lazy *ss and post some sort of interesting cr*p.

Which brings me to the topic... Birds.

The other day (meaning sometime in the last 2 months of me not posting) I was laying (lying, sleeping, crashed, dead-to-the world?) in my hammock out back. For some reason, I seem to end up there quite a bit lately, hmmmmm...

Anywho, I heard birdies singing their cacaphonous songs incessantly --WeeHoo! Gosh do I know some cool words, heck, didn't even pick up a thesaurus (they bite)... Perhaps I should find a grammar checker... Ah well, whatever.

So, I was in the hammock, and birdses where all around. So, like, where were the birds??? Hmmm, let me see... the sparrows were eating my berries, the blackbirds and sparrows were eating my grapes, the magpies were eating anything, the honey-eaters were munching on the gum nuts and the bottle-brush, the turtledoves were eating the grass seed, and around the corner a pair of rosella parrots were busy eating all my apples.

Where was the cat (his royal highness) during this? He was fast asleep next to my hammock without a care in the world... I decided to join him in his nap --but I did stay in the hammock.

I have since built a three level bird feeder... too late to save my grapes, apples, berries, and whatever. The damn birds now wake me at 6 (5) am with some serious cacaphony demanding that I put out some food... It's a good thing I can toss food to them from the hammock, eh?


This is more of a tip than a recipe, but I'm sure that any real cook can adapt it to his or her own use... It involves deep frying (yum!)!

Take a small piece of any "oily" fish, and wrap it in nori. Oh, what's nori? That's the dried seaweed sheets you make sushi rolls out of. Just slice a piece large enough to roll up a chunk of oily fish. Then, you batter it (I have MANY different deep fry batters --more soon), and toss it in hot oil. Fry till the batter is done, and then... EAT IT!

It's good with soy based dips, guess I knead to tell you all about soy dips too, hmmm, next time, eh?

Oh, wait! A teaser for a forthcoming post near you: Dave's knee!

Have a wonderful day,

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