Friday, March 16, 2007

Wasted Youth?

Wasn't that a title of an Alice Cooper song? Or is my mind playing it's usual tricks on me and tinkering around with my mammaries (memories).

How's about this line from a Moody Blues song: The memories of an old man are the deeds of a man in his prime. Either way, I thought I'd share a photo with you of dumb things dave did when he was younger... By younger, I mean in my 20's; that was a FUN decade!

So, without further ado... here is an actual photo of a FUN thing I did growing up in my 20's:

That's me on the right with the blue snow pants, and on the left is a good buddy of mine. He was my main fencing TA --in fact, I was the faculty adviser on his seniors honor thesis! John is now a doctor... No wait, he is now a BRAIN SURGEON!
Ahhhhh, good times, eh?

If just one of you out in blogland would like the story behind this photo, then leave a comment (I'm begging on my knees here!), and I'll give you the full scoop.

Food Time

Stuffed beef rolls

There ain't gonna be no "what you need" or "what you do" for this one. You'll just have to read and follow along. As you are reading, you'll probably make some additions or subtractions to some of the ingredients. No worries, whatever floats your boat!

Start off by putting 4 or 5 bamboo skewers in some water to soak (keeps em from burning when you chuck it all on the barbie).

This is for one serving. Take a half inch slab of beef rump roast to start with. Flatten it down to around a quarter inch thick --you do that by laying the slab on your cutting board, cover it with a piece of cling wrap, and LIGHTLY tap it with a rolling pin (or a bottle, or whatever is handy) till it's flatter and wider than how it started (it really is easy).

Then, make up the stuffing stuff: Take a couple of heaped tablespoons of sour cream, and add a teaspoon of any of the following: Keen's Hot English Mustard, Prepared Wasabi Paste, or Horseradish Cream. Also add a bit of salt and ground black pepper, and a good amount of either dried tarragon or dried basil. Add a bit of grated cheese --I prefer Bleu or Gorgonzola with this, and then whisk till it's (fairly) smooth.

Next, go out to your back garden and snip one red, ripe, small, chilli pepper. Slit the chilli in half lengthwise, and lightly score the inner flesh --you do this be laying the half chilli skin side down, and gently mince with flesh quickly with a knife (this is really easier than it sounds). Take the scored half chilli and rub it on the piece of flattened beef roast.

Spread the sour cream stuffing onto the flattened beef, then roll that sucker up. Secure it with the bamboo skewers and chuck that sucker on a low heat barbie. Baste it with beef stock --to which you've added a few drops of Liquid Smoke-- each time you turn it (or, you can put the raw roll in your smoker for ten mins before putting it on the barbie, but you still have to baste it with stock so it don't dry out). Keep the lid on the barbie when not basting or turning. Cook it to your liking --I prefer rare.

Serve with cheesy scalloped potatoes and a beer.

Tasty, eh?

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