Thursday, March 22, 2007

I can blog again!

Good gosh, and doesn't it feel good? Ahhhhhh......

Anyways, I've got the story behind the pic. You know the pic; the one of me and a future brain surgeon jumping off a two story roof? Yep, that'd be the one.

The only thing is... ummmmm... I've been having so much trouble logging into blogger lately, that I am going to change over to wordpress. I figure the story behind the pic would be a great (grate) way to start the new blog.

There will be links back to this one for those of you needing to catch up (if you think I'm gonna take and import all posts and comments, then you don't know me very well), and there'll be a link to the new blog at wordpress (still setting it up).

I am now going to give you the last food tip/recipe from me that'll appear on blogger (all the others will be at my new blog home):

Apples and Bleu Cheese

This is soooooo tasty and soooooo simple! Slice up a fresh apple into wedges (wedgies) and slice a few wedges off of some quality bleu cheese. Eat a wedge of apple with a wedge of bleu cheese.

Would you like to know the story behind this wonderous discovery? Yes, I thought you would! The story (and many more) can be found over at my new blog at wordpress.

I can't give you a link right (write) now cus it's still being set up, but there'll be at least one more post here directing you.

I'll give you a hint... it *could* be But that's really just a guess at this point in time.

Stay tuned for more news,


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Suzer said...

Mmmm blue cheese. I have a recipe (somewhere) for Blue Cheese and Broccoli soup, as well as blue cheese burgers (I just put a hunk of blue cheese in the middle of the burger before grilling.