Monday, December 03, 2007

Overheard at the Possum House

For those of you (k)newbies, check out why I changed the name from the Clan House to the Possum House right here.

YT stands for yours truly (that's me, BTW), and BIL stands for brother-in-law:

YT coming in the side patio door, "Ahhh, no better way to waste a morning *edit* than *edit* with drills, screwdrivers, sledgehammer, and duct tape."

BIL "Oh, are you doing watch repair?"

BIL "Or perhaps practicing for brain surgery?"


BIL "So what are you working on this time?"

YT "Oh, just fixing the door jam and lock on the side gate."

BIL "Sounds like you've got the right tools, carry on."

*edit* my high school english teacher used to live right across the street... I'm hanging my grammatically challenged head in shame...

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Jill said...

Hi Dave. Sorry, I couldn't fidn your e-mail. But that's a great story.

Thanks for all of the great tips. I have a friend in Fairbanks that is going to mail me some of that grease shortly before the race. I'll take it into my LBS and have them repack the hubs. I'll probably slather it myself on the other moving parts. I'll have to have her send me some of that Cat goo as well. I don't know that you can come by that kind of extreme cold weather gear in the Southeast.

You can reach me at I've been reading about those snow caves in mountaineering books. I've always wondered how they're made.