Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warning! Lots of bird pics today!

Danger, danger Will Robinson... my arms are flailing wildly about...

Whoops, there I go showing my age.

This post may take a bit to load, I've got like 8 cool birdie pics to share with y'all today. I've also got a whole buncha other stuff to share with you, but since that requires me actually typing at the keyboard instead of processing photos then it'll just have to wait.

In the meantime: Does anyone remember the song from Kiss called Strutter? Does anyone remember the rock band Kiss from their heyday? I think this particular song came out in 1974, but I could be mistaken (very likely).

Anyways, these first two pics reminded me of that song:

There are times the galahs actually do walk (strut) around with their wings open like that. Maybe they think they are playing at being batman?

We'll call this next one THUD. Actually, I'll call it THUD, you can call it anything you'd like. Why THUD? Well, why not? But there's a better reason. The big ole cockies (that's short for Sulphur (Sulfur) Crested Cockatoo) aren't as, ummmm, shall we say, perhaps, as graceful or as aerodynamically inclined as other birds are. The reason why is their tail is kinda squared-off instead of fan shaped. When they land on a tree branch the whole tree can sway. Their usual method of "hitting" a branch is to fly from low, swoop upwards, and let gravity apply the brakes. Works fine for tree branches, but it doesn't work too well for a feeder that's only 7 feet off the ground. Hence, they can hit it (at times) with a wee bit of velocity (speed). Even when they "jump" from the brick wall to the feeder there's a good solid thwacking sound.

This guy (or gal) came straight down out of a gum tree from about 30 feet up and hit the feeder rather noisely. I guess the wings outspread was either to steady herself or an attempt to make herself look cool. Since she didn't fall and looked cool, then it worked! Fortunately, I happened to have a camera handy.

These next five are a whole buncha lories. Lorie being short for Rainbow Lorikeet Parrot, NOT the Lorie that I dated for a few weeks a couple of decades ago, ahem.

This next one I've run twice so far. But it's just SOOOOO cool. At least I think it's cool and since this is my blog I can put up whatever I want.

It's just amazing the things you see in your back yard:

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