Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random stuff and the camera thief

Have you ever got to a blog post and the person says they have nothing to say? Yeah, well... It ain't true! We've got loads to say. However the problem is that by the time we get to the computer to type it all in we've totally completely forgotten it all.

There could be several reasons for this. One being the fact that the best, most perfect blog post ever conceived of was thought up of in the middle of the night. Does anyone REALLY keep a notepad and pen next to their bed to jot down middle of the night thoughts? Ha, thought not.

Random food thought: Since most of my regulars (waving hi to ya!) are from North America, I thought I'd post a food recipe for you since I don't think you can get them at most places there. I'm talking about crumpets. They are very very easy to make, especially with the recipe I came up with. So if you are interested in crumpets and how to make them from scratch quickly and easily, then head on over to my other blog and check out the crumpet post. Ummmm, it won't be up till about 30 mins after I post this as I still have to write it.

How's abouts some birdie pics for you to look at before you head over to check out my crumpet recipe?

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of birds? The Shadow knows! Mwaaaahahahahaha!

This next one isn't my best , but what a great pose this guy has. Looks sorta dragonish.

Gotta love it when they let me get close. Notice how the crests form a heart shape? Awwwww, aren't they cute?

Who is that masked caped crusader swooping in out of the shadows to fight crime?

The other morning I was up on the balcony getting some shots of the rainbow lorikeets in the feeder. Above me were a few cockatoos (about 3 feet away) calling me dirty names for not putting out more of their favourite food. I got a few closeups of them, no worries.

As I went back to the lorikeets in the feeder, I spied out of the corner of my eye a cockatoo launch himself out of the big gum tree. It looked like he was heading for the feeder, but going very fast. He flew over the feeder and glided up to where I was and hovered for a fraction of a second before flying off. All I had time to do was crank the zoom ring back and press the shutter.

When the shutter clicked, he was 8 to 10 inches in front of the camera back-beating his wings to get ready to fly off. I do apologise for not getting all of him in the shot, but it all happened kinda quick like.

Anyways, here's the pic of the cockatoo attempting to steal my camera. He was less than a foot away. Keep in mind these birds weigh a kilo and have a 3 foot wingspan.

Pretty cool shot, eh?


Mon said...

that is a pretty good shot! I'd have been less inclined to get the shot, and more inclined to drop the camera and run away. I like birds, but i also watch a lot of TV. Ive seen bird attacks! lol

Suzer said...

You've been tageed---see my blog.


Anonymous said...

that last bird shot is absolutely Cool, ney, it's Great!

ya, up here in the Ak, it's so amazing to see these birds flying around like they are 'wild' and not in a cage taking up a big corner of the room. you've been here, you've got to know what I mean by that :)

that. is. a. Great. shot. period.


Ishmael said...

Yes, and those claws can pluck a crocodile's eyes out and their beaks can remove a man's face faster than Hannibal Lechter.

Was he good eatin'?

Did you see that story in the New York Times about the guano islands off the coast of Peru? I'm thinking at the price they're getting for that shit (pardon the pun), you could probably be a millionaire with what must be left in your back yard.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Hi all, I've been on dialup for a week waiting for my replacement wireless adapter to show; hence, no new post. But at least I can comment on my blog, very very very slowly... I haven't been commenting elsewhere cus it takes about 23.4 years for a blog to load via dialup.

Mon: I think she was just checking to see if I was putting out sunflower seeds up there. There's 4 or 5 that actually sorta let me touch them. Yes, I have all my fingers.

Suzer: I've got my tag post all ready (plus several others). Just as soon as the new adapter arrives...

Anon: Gee, thanks (grins sheepishly). If it had the full bird in it then it would've been really awesome. Hell, I'm just glad it was in focus as it happened rather quick like. I saw a few budgies in Alaska; indoor pets. They didn't have any at the AK Zoo in Los Anchorage last time I was there, but that might've changed. And since Squarebanks doesn't have a zoo (except for city council and GVEA meetings) and probably never will...

Ish: Would you believe me if I said they taste like chicken? Hmmmm, you probably would. They weigh as much as a chook though. They are semi-protected here. Although in some areas they are a pest (if a hundred descend upon your house out in the bush they can literally rip it to pieces). Hadn't heard of the Peruvian Bird Shit Islands; send me a link, eh? As far as my hoard of the stuff goes, I ain't sharin' cus it's me retirement fund.