Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm Still Here!!!!

Oi! G'Day, mates!

Why have I not updated for two weeks? Well, my wireless adapter died so I didn't have access to the house's wireless broadband. In this area dialups are disgustingly slow so it's pretty much impossible to blog.

After I called telstra to get a new adapter, they didn't even send out the new one for 10 days! I've been back up for 2 days now (catching up on work, gack) and I've got loads of stuff to post (including a really cool tag). Let's not forget the fact my back gave out 8 days ago... sigh...

In the meantime (till monday (holiday down unda) or tuesday), please enjoy this pic of a galah making a bombing run at the feeder.

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Mel Keegan said...

The situation is less disgusting than frightening ... but not by much. Makes you want to DO SOMETHING about it, but for the life of me, I can't think what could be done. Public awareness is a good place to start, but how do you get it through the dense skull of the mega-rich on the Persian Gulf that people are starving right on their doorstep?! They have to know that people are starving outside the gate; the real problem is, they don't care. Now, what the [expletive deleted] can you do about that???