Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fondling My Shaft

Well, now that title should drive some interesting traffic, eh? Get your mind out of the gutter though cus this ain't dirty.

Did anyone read the previous post? The one where I listed (and talked about) six random things about me. This pertains to #5 of that list.

Regarding #5... I couldn't find it! I searched everywhere! Not to be found... Checked everywhere in the bedroom, searched the den, checked the storage room, the shed, the laundry. NOWHERE! I started to panic, hyperventilation set in, heart began to race, broke out in a cold sweat; well, not really but I was getting a bit frantic. I even checked my drawers!

*note about the following paragraph: it could really be mis-interpreted!

Finally looked in the back of the front closet and there it was! YEA! I took it out of it's case, stroked the shaft a few times, gripped the handle, screwed it together, burnished the sides of the tip with my leather belt, checked the tip shape, and finally made a few practice strokes on the counter. Ahhhhhh, what relief, what bliss I found from taking a few practice strokes of my shaft with a well shaped tip!

Yup, I was darned happy to make sure my pool cue was still in good nick!

Ahem, moving on...

Being a former Pet. E. student and almost a reservoir engineer before fleeing from the oil patch, this story really really gets me mad for so many reasons: The Pit of Hell. Go ahead, read all about it. Then come back for some birdie pics, 'k?

You're back! See? Kinda sucks, eh? How much natural gas has been wasted and how many thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases have been put into the atmosphere over the last 35 years? Bastards!

And now for some birdie pics --which is the reason why most of you visit here, I do believe.

I love the way the cockatoo that's landing has his beak and claws poking out from under the canopy of his wings. And the blur on the lories as they scatter is cool too.

The framing of this next one sucks. Really, it does. However, the lighting through the wings and tail, the detail on the feathers, and the action going on is just too cool not to share it with everyone. And since I'm such a nice guy, I will share cus that's how I was raised. Although according to the old fart, I grew up in spite of everything mom and dad did.


Anonymous said...

all the birds! I have never seen so many pretty birds! It is really amazing.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Thanks, duckster! I wish I could take credit, but they really are wild down here and there's a LOT of them.